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24th Oct 2016, 01:38
just showing the ASA wbpage...no comment on content.

To help owners, operators and pilots, we have compiled, and busted, some myths that have been circulating about fitment requirements and regulations.

ADSB mythsbusted (http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/projects/ads-b/mythsbusted/)

24th Oct 2016, 02:14
So you remove 179 Navaids, then force owners and operators to install TSO146 GPS' to avoid an alternate, but claim that won't cover the cost of replacing existing enroute surveillance radar equipment without a significant cost increase to industry?

And I do like how the ATC'er says they can sequence closer together with ADS-B, but I have been told to turn my ADS-B output OFF several times because it clutters up his screen unnecessarily when I'm tooling about VFR. Go figure...

24th Oct 2016, 02:16
I'd like to know is the number of ADSB sites installed and the number currently approved and funded.

Lead Balloon
24th Oct 2016, 04:16
If they are myths, why bother wasting time (and the ANC/TNC payers' money) busting them?

Some of the points made don't address the "myth". What does the agreement of a bunch of alphabet soup organisations have to do with the costs of equipment and installation or the objective benefits of the mandate? Nothing. (And have the representations that were made to those organisations in order to obtain their agreement been delivered upon?)

Citing opinions of the ANSP in the US as authority for propositions about ASD-B is a joke. Here's what the independent Office of the Inspector General of the US Department of Transportation had to say about ADS-B: https://www.oig.dot.gov/sites/default/files/FAA%20ADS-B%20Program%20Audit%20Report%5E9-11-14.pdf

Just imagine how many very expensive lessons will be learnt and improvements made by the FAA leading up to and post-mandate, which costs could be avoided and improvements 'borrowed' by Australia if Australia waited.

When the highly-paid execs in Airservices can manage to build an organisation with around 900 excess staff out of around 4,000 and not make money out of a monopoly, just imagine what they'll do with ADS-B implementation. (And don't get me started on OneSKY....)

24th Oct 2016, 21:13
The concern should be that when ADSB goes live in the US, it will be Version 2, which is not compatible with the current ADSB, version 1. From the table, it appears that all B variants have ADSB-2, so how is the system in Oz going to use that?
There are also the 978 and 1090 requirements in the US.

24th Oct 2016, 21:57
The Dynon (and presumably Trig since that's what it's based on) transponders already meet the V2 requirements now. As does the Garmin GTX3000ES and GTX23 with SW Version 7.01 on, the King KT74 and I would guess a bunch of others.

The main difference appears to be which ones have been designed to comply with DO-260B, and that seems to be most of them.