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21st Oct 2016, 16:55
I've got a 3 year old iPhone and over the years with heavy use the battery has become less and less healthy, eventually only giving me about 4 hours of use from a full charge.

I got my battery replaced today at a local PC shop who I've used before and are usually very good - It wasn't an authorised Apple repair (reflected in the price, 25 vs 80+ Apple would want).

I've since discovered that after the replacement the vibrate feature isn't working, I can only assume they've done something during the replacement process? I gave them a call asking if I can pop in next week for them to have a look at it to which they said was fine, but also said the vibration mechanism is nowhere near the battery so it couldn't have been them that caused the problem, though it clearly was.

Any idea where I'd stand on this from a consumer rights point of view? I assume it's just my word vs there's and there isn't a lot that I can do.

21st Oct 2016, 17:17
I once had the opposite problem - replaced the screen on a smartphone myself - and when I put it back together the vibrate function could not be deactivated - i.e. it vibrated constantly! Not much I could do since it was me that messed the thing up!

But in your case - responsibility lies with the repair shop - they may just have forgotten to reconnect a lead to the vibrating bit - or broken it. But either way they should fix it.

21st Oct 2016, 17:18
It's like a week after taking your car for a service it needs a new battery. A couple of weeks later the radiator springs a leak.
If you think those guys are stupid think again.
Just wait until the busiest time of the week and go in and make a fuss. Shops don't like loud fuss-makers in a crowded space full of 'potential' customers.

21st Oct 2016, 17:24
Like seriously ?

Go to nearest town and get a Vintage phone of same make from one of those cash convertors places.

21st Oct 2016, 18:03

There has been a lot of coverage about iPhone functions not working after the installation of non-Apple mods or software. And of course, none of their updates will work on any Apple product more than 2-3 years old, effectively making them useless.

Of course it may be nothing, but you don't want to lose your MSJRIEH status. :ok:

21st Oct 2016, 18:24
As someone who recently replaced the battery in an iPad 4, I can say beyond any doubt whatsoever that Apple devices like this are very carefully designed to be extremely challenging to dismantle, let alone repair.

Only Apple Repair centres have the special front glass removal tool, which is an amazing thing to watch - it literally applies very even suction over the entire surface of the glass and pulls it very hard, evenly and slowly to detach the very strong double sided adhesive tape that holds these things together.

Anyone not equipped with this tool has to do as I did, and use an array of thin prising tools ("spudgers") plus a bit of heat from a heat gun, to get the glass off. Once that's done, there a a multitude of very fragile connections, made with flexible PCB, that are themselves very easy to break.

I did the job OK, but broke the glass digitiser, so had to buy a new one. It was marginally cheaper overall than getting Apple to do the battery replacement (which they may have been unwilling to do as the iPad is now 4 years old) but next time I'd not volunteer to do the job, as it took hours.

I can easily see how a non-Apple repair bloke could accidentally damage some of the extremely delicate connections, and the worst of it is that to fix it the glass has to come off again, far and away the most time consuming and risky bit of the whole process. I'd also guess that there are only so many times you can remove the glass, as it's near-impossible to remove all the old double sided tape residue each time.

These things are really not designed to be repaired at all, and are best thrown out when they fail. It pains me to say this, as I'm a died-in-the-wool repairer of all things, but this glued together stuff is really not worth the time and risk of fixing.

21st Oct 2016, 19:48
I can't speak for iPads, but for iPhones it doesn't look too hard to open?


I've also now noticed my screen looks a little brighter at the top compared to the bottom of the display, I guess the result of fiddling around with the inside of the phone.

25 battery fix was worth the risk rather than forking out 700 for an iPhone 7 straight away so I'll see what they do

21st Oct 2016, 19:57
Maybe I am luddite but don't have any apple stuff, do have another berry fruit thing that having battery issues, had bought it in cash convertors in own box never used for 25, swmbo suggestd time for a new one, 5 battery and it does as it always did.................. make and receive calls.

Gertrude the Wombat
21st Oct 2016, 21:22
Any idea where I'd stand on this from a consumer rights point of view?
I don't think you get the disposable iTat thing at all.

You're supposed to throw it away and buy the new model every six months, you're not supposed to ever discover that the battery will one day die, looooong after the iTat device has become so ancient that no self-respecting fanboi would be seen dead with it.

21st Oct 2016, 21:56
As GtW says.
Samsung used to be above this sort of enforced obsolescence, but decided to follow the route of sealed - in batteries. It has bitten them badly of course with the faulty batteries in their Note 7 phone. If they had kept to the removable batteries they could simply have mailed out replacements instead of sending 2.5 million phones to landfill.

Loose rivets
21st Oct 2016, 23:53
I thought the vibrator was in the battery. Makes sense as you wouldn't want lots of current flowing through circuits.

So, if it were, and you got a naff replacement, that's why it doesn't vibrate.

I finally accepted the Samsung S6 as I wanted the better camera and a real compass. My Core Prime went to the Rivetess.

I don't like not being able to get at things but just keep me fingers crossed. All that and it's not waterproof.

Fantastic macro for me photos of watch innards. Better than the kit I had shipped around the world to make my Nikon see close.

My old Motorola Cliq XT - first generation Android - was the subject of a Rivets campaign for perfection. After 4 replacements via 6 actual phone swaps, I ended up with three batteries. Yey! thinks I, but all this fuffling about and they are so good - to this day - that I have never ever had to swap one even when travelling between the US and UK.

22nd Oct 2016, 00:34
If loose is right they will probably have thrown in a generic battery, and as it is not working u have a case.

Loose rivets
22nd Oct 2016, 01:03
Well, not always it seems:


sled dog
22nd Oct 2016, 18:09
After 7 years of Blackberry use changed to a Samsung S5 Neo. Nice piece of kit.
And it is waterproof, so Samsung say...where i live every man and his dog seems to have an iPhone. What is the attraction ? After a few months another model is announced sending the true believers flocking to the nearest apple store, wads of cash in hand....