View Full Version : The Russian Bear and What If

21st Oct 2016, 14:14
What would Europe and or the UK do if Old Uncle Boris told his flotilla of what look like ageing Battleships, to hold an impromptu exercise, or fire off a few shells whilst in the international waters of the North Sea and the English Channel?
...that would test a few "Sphincters" would it not ?:eek:

21st Oct 2016, 15:40
Depends where the guns are aimed, north sea maybe Ireland, KerryGold butter factory hit, English channel, maybe a few knocking shops in Calais and some 'camps' the French want to close down, nothing to worry about. They would never dare to send a few shells at Eastbourne the PMs home town.

21st Oct 2016, 15:51
Maybe they could see their way clear to renting that aircraft carrier to us for a bit. Seeing as we haven't got one.

Krystal n chips
21st Oct 2016, 17:16
Maybe your concerns should be a little closer to home....:p


21st Oct 2016, 17:18
Hmmmmm...... What would Sir Francis Drake do?????

21st Oct 2016, 17:21
.I actually think it would be relatively easy to vanish for a month with a bit of advanced planning.

Would keep undertakers in Gods Waiting Room busy for a week or ten though......

21st Oct 2016, 17:30
We still have stop them colliding with the rock ... of Gibraltar .
Best they lay off the vodka when they reach that stage .

21st Oct 2016, 17:32
Better to worry about the U-boats that sneaked into the Thames while everyone was watching the surface craft.

21st Oct 2016, 17:58

And if Putin had a beard... or indeed any bodily hair at all... we could singe that! :8

Pontius Navigator
21st Oct 2016, 20:44
We were in Brest a few years ago, Petr the Great was in. Groups of myself accompanied by POs in groups of 6 were sight seeing and window shopping but mot buying because of the high prices.

PtG had previously made a port visit to Cape Town before we had visited there too.

I note they were accompanied by Boris Chilikin, unless a new build they are about 40 years old.