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John Hill
18th Oct 2016, 06:05
Take a look at their facebook page..


18th Oct 2016, 23:25
Great to see the kids enjoying themselves, and it looks like they've got some good stuff there.

At the time that I was holding at Finningley after nav school, a hangar there was being used to store a lot of aircraft destined for the RAF Museum (Avro 707, E.E. P1, etc) and I got the job of showing infant/primary school groups around. They loved it, and I must admit I did too. I used to get a multi-seat liferaft and get one of them to pull the toggle to inflate it, and then let them all pile in. That used to be the highlight of the visit!

19th Oct 2016, 00:06
For a change, something we all can agree on: Any time spent encouraging kids into aviation is time well spent.

19th Oct 2016, 02:28
Took my Granddaughter to the RAN Aviation museum at Nowra when she was about 4.We spent hours there looking at all the aircraft, but the highlight was the helicopter cockpit.

The father of one of her friends is an RAN helicopter pilot. When he told her, she said "I hope you fly safely." Who knows what brought that on.

19th Oct 2016, 03:41
Glad to see the Harrier is still there.