View Full Version : No Soi To-nite...

17th Oct 2016, 03:13

...good time to visit with the missus & your kiddies!! :ouch:

17th Oct 2016, 06:06
Half-mast until further notice

17th Oct 2016, 06:46
Was in Bangkok when it happened, no IMMEDIATE change, but advice was to take a low profile, alcohol still being served, albeit discretely, and no "joyous activities" ere to be indulge in.

Thai Pom
17th Oct 2016, 07:06
It only effecting GoGo bars at the moment, others keeping the music low key but selling normally. Anybody that was visiting BKK yesterday might have thought differently though as everything was closed for a Buddhist holiday (annual event).

Cheers, TP

17th Oct 2016, 09:47
'Doubled her business to $200/day...i assume USD$
7000 baht is a lot of short times.

Mmm...business is boom booming.