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16th Oct 2016, 00:56
A thread about getting on with the job with whatever tools are to hand.:ok:

Driver is fined for using frying pan as steering wheel!

Driver busted for using a frying pan as a steering wheel (http://www.smh.com.au/national/driver-busted-for-using-a-frying-pan-as-a-steering-wheel-20160904-gr8j0q.html)

The pan was teflon coated so the driver is hoping the charges won't stick:)


16th Oct 2016, 00:59
Oven mitts required in summer to steer.

16th Oct 2016, 02:28
A local paper reported that a driver was stopped and cautioned a couple of year ago when he was found to be driving with a pair of mole grips round the steering column instead of a steering wheel.

I have some photos of another car that was stopped in a very rural area with a long length of garden hose wrapped round the wheel. Obviously the tyre had shredded at some point so the driver had kept wrapping hose around the wheel until the bulk of the hose meant that the wheel rims weren't in contact with the road.

You have to hand it to them for inventiveness, but perhaps no marks for common sense

16th Oct 2016, 08:39
Airline crew en route England to Australia ( no prizes for guessing which Airline )

3 or 4 day stop in Karachi without booze, so bought a roll of hose pipe in London and equipped it with screw caps on each end, then en route to Karachi filled it with company gin. Trouble was - they had to fill it to avoid air bubbles showing and giving the game away, and they hadn't reckoned on how much gin it needed, which added to the weight to be nonchalantly thrown over the shoulder of the crew member tasked with getting it through customs.

The subterfuge worked, but they had to drink a lot of gin. No problem.

16th Oct 2016, 11:29
Use it up
Wear it out
Make do
Do without