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15th Oct 2016, 13:40
The H&S army has penetrated that bastion of Englishness, the York Minster bell ringers.

Reading between the lines, there's probably a lot more to the decision to sack all the volunteer bell ringers than H&S issues, but it's still the peg on which the decision seems to be based ...

"She said the minster was two years into modernising its “processes around governance, safety, security, training, education, recruitment of our staff and our volunteers” and that there had been concerns about health and safety among the bell ringers."

One senses a good olde fashioned church row that would best be solved by pins in waxed effigies rather than this modern rubbish.

15th Oct 2016, 15:49
When I was a bellringer, I was one of only two who were also choristers - the remainder weren't even church-goers.

I suspect that this may be the situation at York.

15th Oct 2016, 15:58
the decision to stop them having a new year’s celebration in the minster before they rang the bells.
My first taste of whisky (my parents were tee-total having been brought up as Methodists) was in the bell tower on New Year's Eve as we prepared to ring in the new year.

Ringing in the year: the Minster bells (http://yorkstories.co.uk/ringing-in-the-year-the-minster-bells/).

15th Oct 2016, 17:55
Guinness gives you strength, Bells gives you balls ..

15th Oct 2016, 23:50
I think there's a place for H&S in bell ringing, in case someone drops a clanger.

Dated a campanologist once, she went like the clappers.

16th Oct 2016, 00:00
I'm guessing, that that little-known, but powerful group, the Hunchbacks Association, has had a hand in this decision, to sack all the incumbents - no doubt, because they didn't meet the required number of deformities.

16th Oct 2016, 00:54
Yeah, those buggahs would bend over backwards to get all the jobs themselves.

16th Oct 2016, 01:17
A right ding-dong (https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/oct/14/bellringer-york-minster-wrong-sack-us-silence-church-bells).

Loose rivets
16th Oct 2016, 01:33
. . . which brings me back to the evening when Quasimodo lurched into the pub.

"Evening, Quasi. What would you like?"


"Bells alright?"

"Mind yer own bloody business!"

Windy Militant
16th Oct 2016, 10:02
As soon as the C*word is mentioned things usually go pear shaped.
I'll be interested to know who the " Professional Bell Master" is going to be and how much he/she is going to get paid. Cynical Moi! ;)

*no not that one but Corporate, although the other usually comes to mind when dealing with the the neddy's.

16th Oct 2016, 10:08
Something just doesn't chime in this story. Sounds like someone dropped a clanger.

16th Oct 2016, 12:32
I'm unhappy with the size of your organ, it seems a bit small, says she.

I wasn't expecting to be playing in a cathedral, he answered.


16th Oct 2016, 12:50
Bye, Darling....Off to ring the bells....

You should try ringing mine sometime. :}

Out Of Trim
16th Oct 2016, 13:56

16th Oct 2016, 15:02
Pull the other one!

Loose rivets
16th Oct 2016, 22:06
Then there was the genteel lady living in a village much like Midsummer. (except this one was real). They chose her local church to practice bell-ringing in since it seems it sported the best peel of bells.

It drove the dear soul maaaaaaaaaaaad. Maaaaaaaaaaaad in a John Cleese chef kind of way, and with her clever, she set about destroying the fine old oak doors. Good for her. I don't like people that pollute the air with either sound or smoke. I like it left as God made it, all pure and with fluffy clouds. Using my church would have driven me to fill the inverted bells with something nasty, like porridge, or grime, and then set them at their apexes.

Mind you, being me, I'd have wanted to see the mayhem, so would almost certainly have got caught - much like the dear lady who found herself in front of the Beak on quite serious charges.

What else? Oh yes. Our wonderful Goat Lady. Look at the goat's favourite resting place. Nothing compared to the mountains goats can scale.

Lovely story. Teach them not to mess with her goats.


P.S. A sad thing. There was a gap between that house and the houses along a bit. The evening sun used to beam through that gap and focus upon the lifeboat which is moored at the end of our long pier. On a dull evening, it would seem to put a heavenly halo around the boat. Most fitting. However, after years of protests, there's a house being built in that gap. Not surprising, it's overlooking the sea from 60' AMSL.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v703/walnaze/Pprune%20New/Lifeboat%203_zpsm3m3cnhy.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/walnaze/media/Pprune%20New/Lifeboat%203_zpsm3m3cnhy.jpg.html)

I was always told this was the second longest pier in the UK. What's more, Southend doesn't count as it only points across the river which to me seems to be cheating.

16th Oct 2016, 23:04
One wonders how many of the not-quite-current ringers will bother applying for their old jobs......Be very interesting if they CAN'T get ringers (without paying them?) when they try....

The trouble is always that when in this sort of case, things go 't*ts up', those responsible aren't joining the dole queue within a week.....

16th Oct 2016, 23:19
There's a lot of similarities between this row and the simmering discontent in the National Trust. In both cases, powerful career minded women find themselves in organisations which dont lend themselves being run along strict business lines but are nevertheless determined to run them as though they were CEOs of big companies. In both cases they have managed to annoy hard working volunteers, who in the case of the York Minster bell ringers will be hard to replace, especially as I suspect that few, if any, of the current lot will "reapply for their positions" while the present dean remains in post.

17th Oct 2016, 03:35
One of the things I learnt many years ago, when being involved in fighting crop fires in rural regions, that you cannot organise volunteers. Volunteers are their own bosses and use their own initiative.

When people are employed under a contract, or under conditions involving payment for their labour - only then can you organise and control along corporate lines.

Volunteers are exactly that - they are volunteering their time and labour for nothing, at their cost, and no-one can tell them what to do - and certainly not someone who thinks they are ruling a group of subjects.

17th Oct 2016, 08:03
Quite right, onetrack.
I speak from experience in three quite different volunteering roles.
It's usually some new, barely competent, yet well-paid and pumped-up git (or gitess) who stands there, open-mouthed, when frankly told
to go find somebody else - because I simply have better things to do with my time (and money).
They just don't seem to get it, do they?

Curious Pax
17th Oct 2016, 14:10
Having done a bit of googling, it looks like traditional power struggle between a group of volunteers who have been doing something their way for many years, and a newcomer (the Dean in this case) who wishes to have things done their way. It's very common in churches - I suspect that JimtheRev and the late lamented Keef will be more than familiar with such shenanigans.

Ancient Observer
17th Oct 2016, 15:10
Can't they appeal?

17th Oct 2016, 15:35

17th Oct 2016, 17:23
Can't they appeal?
Or get someone to pull some strings?

17th Oct 2016, 17:35
Having done a bit of googling, it looks like traditional power struggle between a group of volunteers who have been doing something their way for many years, and a newcomer (the Dean in this case) who wishes to have things done their way. It's very common in churches - I suspect that JimtheRev and the late lamented Keef will be more than familiar with such shenanigans.
I was on the second paragraph of a rant. But have deleted it, to reply...