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Nervous SLF
13th Oct 2016, 19:51
I know that this is a 3 year old article but I have only just been made aware of it so I thought that I would share it.

As if African elephants didn’t have enough to worry about (http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2012/10/ivory/elephant-ivory-poaching-graphic), habitat loss is yet another key issue affecting their survival.
Although elephant populations have increased since the 1970s, the human population has grown even more quickly,
cutting the elephants’ habitat up into farms and roads. The elephants’ key migratory routes have been cut off in many
places. As result, they regularly break through fences, where they eat and destroy crops. When the farmers confront
elephants on their property, things don’t generally end well for either party. Lucy King (http://www.ox.ac.uk/media/science_blog/140109.html), a researcher working with Save the Elephants (http://savetheelephants.org),
has spent many years investigating the problems involved in crop protection. Her goal is to find long-term solutions that reduce the
frequency of human-elephant conflicts—and that can be financed and managed by local farmers.

Read the rest here :- Farmers, Elephants, and Bees: A Winning Combination - Animals - Animals (http://animals.oreilly.com/elephants-and-bees/)