View Full Version : CASA struggling to keep up with the rest of the world

13th Oct 2016, 00:47

CASA's been trying to kill off GA yet they can't embrace the future..

13th Oct 2016, 01:37
I've seen the SQ A350 at Tullamarine a few times now.


13th Oct 2016, 02:38
Singapore didn't drive a A350 of the runway.

Thai did.

I'd be taking a close look at the check and training department if I was CASA too.

13th Oct 2016, 04:03
CASA seem to gold plate the simplest of requirements. I recently tried to get the Australian 3 month validation of my EASA/FAA PPL licences to enable me to hire local aircraft during a planned 4 week visit from my UK home. ( I am a UK passport holder and hold valid EASA and FAA MEP/SEP IR)
All went well until I called CASA to check that my paperwork for the application in order.
She asked where I would be flying from, Sunshine Coast. Then you will also require a CASA ID card as its a Comercial airport. As well as the required paperwork, although I was not planning to be in Sydney, I would need to attend an interview there and if all ok they would hope the said ID to be issued in a further 4 weeks or so!
I gave up at that point.

13th Oct 2016, 23:25
The article is very factually incorrect, so I'd be taking it with a grain of salt. There are 2 other A350 operators that come to Australia already, yet the article claims they'll be the first.

Great journalism!

14th Oct 2016, 02:54
another article...

Thai Airways A350 debut delayed by Australian authorities - Airline news, Aviation news, Commercial news | AeroTime (http://www.aerotime.aero/en/civil/14649-thai-airways-a350-debut-delayed-by-australian-authorities)

Fron AUS Business Traveler, AUG 8

Singapore Airlines will begin Airbus A350 flights to Melbourne from Wednesday August 10, some three weeks earlier than the previously-slated September 1 kickoff.

It's the first Aussie destination for the airline's advanced A350 which is already flying to Amsterdam, Johannesburg and Düsseldorf.

However, the A350 won't be staying on the Melbourne-Singapore route for long: after October 22 it'll move onto the new daily Singapore-San Francisco service starting October 23, while the SQ207/208 flights will switch back to a Boeing 777-200 jet.

Melbourne is also earmarked for Thai Airways' first two Airbus A350s, while Cathay Pacific is expected to begin A350 flights to Australia in early 2017.

Qatar Airways took line honours for Australia's first Airbus A350 service in May with the debut of its daily Adelaide-Doha flight

16th Oct 2016, 08:00
Does anyone know why the Australian authorities have refused permission for TG to operate their A350 to Australia?

16th Oct 2016, 10:19
Its something to do with Thai having safety issues with its Airbus fleet in the past, CASA wants Thai to jump through a few more hoops before they get the OK.

16th Oct 2016, 12:06
But air Asia are fine 😳

17th Oct 2016, 00:41
It could be more to do with the Thai CAA and their oversight. They have been flagged by an ICAO audit from 2015, and the FAA downgraded them to category 2. So new routes (or aircraft types?) could be a problem with many countries.