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Super VC-10
11th Oct 2016, 14:29
It seems that a female flight attendant at Transavia is rather free with the chaps.

Transavia cockpit sex: Flight attendant's jilted husband threatens to publish diary - NL Times (http://www.nltimes.nl/2016/10/11/transavia-cockpit-sex-flight-attendants-jilted-husband-threatens-publish-diary/)

Alpine Flyer
11th Oct 2016, 16:22
Jet Blast?

11th Oct 2016, 17:42
I always wondered what the jump seat was for.

HEMS driver
11th Oct 2016, 18:44
Hence, the term - cockpit.

stator vane
11th Oct 2016, 19:02
"Honey, it's not what it seems! The stories were just things I imagined could have happened! I've been wanting to be a paperback writer all my life!"

stator vane
11th Oct 2016, 19:06
Dam! Can't get that great song out of my head now!!!

11th Oct 2016, 21:28
The 46-year-old flight attendant is the mother of four children.
Holy cow! :eek:
Whatever happened to reading 50 shades of grey and the like?

11th Oct 2016, 21:42
Surely there is no story here?

Though I do wonder where the spouse became involved with the hostie - is he a pilot?

Ascend Charlie
11th Oct 2016, 22:12
What has 3 hymens and flies?

Ten thousand airline hostesses.

11th Oct 2016, 22:28
What has 3 hymens and flies?

Ten thousand airline hostesses.
I had not realized so many men had entered the profession.

12th Oct 2016, 01:55
:eek:C'mon, crew area on a charter 737? Which one exactly, front or aft galley?

12th Oct 2016, 02:44
Every airline needs that kind of F/As, preferably half the age however. :sad:

Metro man
12th Oct 2016, 06:30
B737 cockpit would be extreamly cramped and difficult whereas the A320 would allow the full Karma Sutra.

12th Oct 2016, 07:46
Hence, the term - cockpit.

but with an all female flight crew - Box office.

Takan Inchovit
12th Oct 2016, 09:48
When she said, 'would you like some TWA tea?' I just thought she meant .... :hmm:

12th Oct 2016, 15:08
I think the copy writer or sub-editor was having a laugh:

The airline wants nothing more than to handle the matter internally

Well by all accounts she'd be up for it...


Sir Niall Dementia
12th Oct 2016, 20:03
The ILT "refused to take a position!" how very un-Dutch:E


13th Oct 2016, 06:23
The papers would love this story. There is a popular misconception that cabin crew and pilots spend all their time away jumping in and out of each others beds, with this obvious exception nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, naughtiness does occur but many of the girls are married or have and live with steady boyfriends whilst some are looking for husband material and simply not interested in casual bonking.

13th Oct 2016, 07:18
Your wife reads Pprune, does she, Parabellum?;)

13th Oct 2016, 08:33
I'm prepared to say that I think much more Hanky Panky goes on in the 9 to 5 working environment than "Down the Route - tho' that's not suggesting that it never did ! because "normal" people are working with the same faces every day and bonding takes place over time, whereas almost everytime I went to work I met a totally new bunch of strangers especially in the female department, but yes - there were occasions when one was marooned in places like the Seychelles for a week with a bunch of .... well, you know !

Obviously I came to know male colleagues over the years, 'cos they worked until normal retirement, so stuck around, but the girls had a limited employment span in my days - retirement after 10 years, and or 31 years old (?) and immediately upon marriage.

Recall the flight deck door opening whilst going through the pre-start checks, and a voice saying " what winks, whistles and fckus like a Tiger ?" We turned around to see one of the girls stood there - winking and whistling.

Happy days.

13th Oct 2016, 08:52
Flicking through the channels this morning and I came across this...


Is it a documentary? :O;):E

13th Oct 2016, 20:56
The 46-year-old flight attendant is the mother of four children.

Come again. :yuk:

AN2 Driver
14th Oct 2016, 07:00
"E.L James" of the airlines?

14th Oct 2016, 07:43
Come again ?

She obviously did.

14th Oct 2016, 16:57
Aviation authority ILT was informed about the incidents, but refuses to take a position

I wonder why, it seems everyone else has :E

16th Oct 2016, 03:33
Said to have been on BCal; FE compliments a lovely young cabin crew on her small hands, pleased at the compliment the young lady says, "Oh, thank you, do you like small hands?" "Yes", said the FE, "They make my dick look big"!

Metro man
16th Oct 2016, 04:24
You couldn't risk making comments like that today in fear of an harassment complaint.

Dark Knight
16th Oct 2016, 05:47

Truth is stranger than fiction?