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10th Oct 2016, 04:35

Sorry, rant coming up.

I have no idea why the herald would want to quote a passenger that the aircraft "dropped 100 feet".

Unless said passenger has an ungodly ability to feel how much they dropped, how an earth would they know???

Sick of opening up the herald and reading absolute sensationalist crap.

Rant over

10th Oct 2016, 06:30
Noting that you're from Oz...
At first, I wasn't sure which particular "Herald" you were referring to.

The Melbourne Sun-Herald is, of course, just another Murdoch sh!trag - nothing more or less.
The once-respected Sydney Morning Herald had, some while back, made the decision to "broaden its appeal" (don't you just love that expression?).
In real terms, that phrase simply means that they'd worked out that a moron's dollar has the same value as that of a more discerning buyer.

Then, glancing at the link you provided, I see that it's probably the Auckland Herald you're talking about.
Well ... what can I say?
Nothing further need be said, I reckon.

10th Oct 2016, 07:05
Sorry, was referring to the New Zealand herald.

11th Oct 2016, 12:27
Same goes for this article.


" “They normally say “cabin crew arm the doors” before landing, but they didn’t say that this time,” he said.

“That means the safety shutes were ready to fire on a bad landing.” "

Really? 😂