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8th Oct 2016, 20:48
I f:mad: hate it!
My boss and several of my friends are there, and Messenger is quite convenient to stay in touch with them (if you don't have Whatsapp).
Apart from that, I could burn the thing this instant.

We will treat your personal data as private, blah blah blah.
Yeah, right.
Are you interested in this group? No, thanks. And it keeps pushing it, nonetheless.
Are you interested in becoming friends with these people? Same as above.
The most annoying service ever, by far.

8th Oct 2016, 20:52
So don't use it !!

Yeah I know it is a bit like Hotel California but leave it switched off :ugh:

8th Oct 2016, 21:21
Absolutely, Twotter, Linkedin, Neighbourly, Snapchat, Instagram the whole fckiugn lot of them. ( wot have I forgotten ? oh -yes, PPRuNe ! )

I reluctantly admit that e-mail is useful, saves postage ! ( tho' of course I'm paying for ISP access so ...... is it really ?

8th Oct 2016, 21:31
And as for PPRuNe... nah! :ok:

Got a linkedin account so I can manage the company's profile. Won't touch anything else. Was in Chester during last week and was minded to download Arriva's bus app so could more easily check bus timetables when on the move between pubs (!). "This app will access your contacts". No fricking way...

Loose rivets
8th Oct 2016, 23:51
Hate it or love it, tonight it bought me this:

Utterly beyond funny.


8th Oct 2016, 23:53
Have to confess to quite liking FB. I wouldnt say I spend much time on it but I like some of the aviation contact - particularly a French page devoted to British military aircraft, whose owner seems to have an unending supply of very interesting photographs.

A lot of tripe appears, mainly "shared" by family and friends whose taste I don't share, but there is a very useful hide feature which gets rid of these instantly.

I cant remember how I joined Linkedin, but even though I am retired I keep getting info on jobs which I am totally unqualified for. Still, it seems to be harmless.

Have to have my daily dose of PPRuNe - keeps me regular!

9th Oct 2016, 00:12
I enjoy Facebook and have learnt to calmly ignore the bits that don't apply to me as it saves pointlessly wasting heartbeats.

9th Oct 2016, 00:13
Apparently FB is now a business tool.

How could that happen? The staff that do nothing in the office and thus couldn't be blamed for anything must have been promoted into management.

It's true, I read it on FB.