View Full Version : Some Days You Get The Beer.....Some Days The Beer Gets You

7th Oct 2016, 20:09
I'll let you guys fill in the details.

7th Oct 2016, 20:13

8th Oct 2016, 13:34
Years ago I saw a guy who was very drunk trying to mount and ride his bicycle.
He fell off every time and still tried to remount.

West Coast
8th Oct 2016, 16:59
Years ago I saw a guy who was very drunk trying to mount and ride his bicycle.
He fell off every time and still tried to remount.

That's because beer is liquid confidence and when enough confidence is consumed, ones perceived abilities skyrocket. Be that in bicycling or mating with the tall blonde in the pub.

I know of these things.

8th Oct 2016, 17:16
What's the obsession of wasting alcohol? I've seen videos like the one posted above. People smashing glasses into one another, people bashing tables full of drinks and the other craze of jumping head first onto tables full of drink.

West Coast
8th Oct 2016, 17:55
jumping head first onto tables full of drink.

Never done carrier quals on a fouled deck I take it.

8th Oct 2016, 17:56
Alcohol often disconnects the common sense circuitry.
Singing is always abused.

8th Oct 2016, 18:21
Once, in the old Copenhagen airport terminal at Kastrup (so you can tell how long ago!) there was a man sitting in the bar. He had 8 empty cans of 'Elephant Beer' (referred to by a friend of mine as 'fall over water') in front of him and his flight appeared on the screen. He stood up and collapsed on the floor - completely out of this world......had to be carried out to an ambulance.

8th Oct 2016, 18:30
Helping B-I-L prepare to move house and actually live with his new wife, my sister. We dismantled his office (never seen so much IT cable) in far less time than we anticipated this afternoon so... well, what would you do? Hic... Two pubs, three pints and back in time for dinner and... more pints. Enjoy your evening folks! :ok:

9th Oct 2016, 03:09

Every time I view such video's as you posted.....I do so with much trepidation for fear I might see myself starring in multiple segments!

There have been some escapades that would have won "America's Funniest Video's" several seasons in a row had my friends thought to have entered them into the contest!

One very long hot (100+F) August day on the Sailboat...motoring dead down wind at a roaring seven knots(wind across the deck 0 Knots)....starting just before Sunrise....and going till just after Sunset....Solo....with just a couple of Cases f of cold beer for companionship....arising the next morning to discover the boat half tied up, part of the boat alongside the dock, a roaring hangover, and the Dock Master holding forth about "No Nothing Pecker Woods imitating Sea Faring Folk" trashing up his Marina like he was Chief Bosun of the Good Ship Venus or something....would have been one of the entries.

I probably could have made a better impression had I not been so careful about not littering as I have everyone of the48 empty tins laying about the cockpit and the remains of my curry lunch scattered all over the non-leeward rail and scupper.

But as they say....no time on the water is wasted!

The Ship's Cat, Commodore Frady was not impressed.

10th Oct 2016, 17:34
But as they say....no time on the water is wasted!But if being wasted on the water is not wasted time, how about being wasted in the air?

Random SLF
11th Oct 2016, 12:15
As a former real ale pub manager it surprises me that beer gets the bad reputation when, in my experience, it's CIDER that causes the most trouble. We served a cider which was made by a local winemaker (a little Italian chap, spitting image of Super Mario) it was as clear as Vodka and named Moonshine. It was claimed to be 8% abv, and we tested as such on delivery, but after a few days in the cellar it had 'matured' to 14% abv! I had one customer who had two pints of this stuff, said it was very nice & didn't know what the fuss was all about but now he had a bus to catch - stepped off his barstool and went straight down onto the floor. Another one wandered outside and a new customer came in and said "You'd better check on that bloke out there" - when I found him, he was having a conversation with an invisible dolphin in the back seat of a parked car. Another customer had cycled to our pub along the canal towpath one Sunday afternoon, had a couple of ciders and cycled back - sure enough, he cycled into the canal and arrived at the bar of the next pub dripping wet, covered in chickweed and exuding a delicate aroma.... They sent him home, thank god!

Ancient Observer
12th Oct 2016, 12:20
Caipirinha can easily be someone's downfall. As a member of an M & A team in Brasil, we had rather too much fun in the bar after long and hard days working. (Working 7am to 10pm, and then going to the bar). One of our colleagues kept having the problem of standing whenever he tried to leave his bar stool.
Ever since then, I have been careful with that drink.