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6th Oct 2016, 13:58
A thread to share coincidences.

Yesterday a nice guy arrived in a el cheapo, distinctive liveried hire car to test drive a car I'm selling.
Today I saw the same distinctive car ....with same bloke driving, he merged on the freeway right next to me as I drive into town.
In a city of 4 million people!
I was 50kms from home. 10 seconds later I would have missed him....

What are the odds?


6th Oct 2016, 14:01
Based on the data supplied

1 out of 1

6th Oct 2016, 14:44
Memsahib sorted through some old photos today; the first one she picked up was that of her late schoolfriend, whose birthday would have been today......

6th Oct 2016, 15:11
QLD scored 222 on Richies birthday

6th Oct 2016, 15:40
Mick......#1 Do you frequent anti western web sites? I fear the intelligence services might be 'checking you out' especially if the alleged person requested to use your toilet, check the toilet cistern out for any items not resembling a ball cock and valve configuration.

Good luck


6th Oct 2016, 16:24
JENKINS, just for you.


Krystal n chips
6th Oct 2016, 16:32
Hempy......not lost on others either...;)

Great little compilation there ...:D:ok:

6th Oct 2016, 20:02
Eastern philosophies maintain that the odds are always exactly 50:50, either it happens, or it doesn't.

Barksdale Boy
7th Oct 2016, 04:56
I suppose it's too much to hope for that it was 2 for 222? Anyway it would have been a maaaarrrvellous day for cricket. Ritchie, we miss you.

7th Oct 2016, 07:40
A few years ago I traded our car in on a replacement. Several months later I drove into the parking area for a school fete, about 100 km from home. The only vacant spot was next to our old car.

7th Oct 2016, 08:18
What are the odds?


7th Oct 2016, 08:37
Nice to be reminded of Richie Benaud again.
He would have been 86 yesterday (6th).

7th Oct 2016, 13:38
Mickjoebill, the odds are longer than being hit by lightning twice in the same place! :eek:
I'm with DazDaz here. The Echelon operatives have been reading your emails that have been less than courteous towards the U.S.
Have you noticed a flash of light from distant lenses recently? Heard any strange black choppers overhead, in the middle of the night?
Might be time to change your abode very quickly, discard that smartphone, get a new number, and change your appearance dramatically. :)

Ancient Observer
7th Oct 2016, 13:58
Some years ago I lived in Chester, in North west UK.
While in Chester, I sold my Lotus Elan. To some one who lived in Chester.

I later moved to Blackpool. Further North.
I decided that I needed another Lotus Elan.
The only advert that week in the paper for a Lotus Elan had a vendor who lived in Blackpool.
I went along.
It was MY Lotus! It had followed my move and moved to Blackpool!!!

An aside on Blackpool. It's the sort of place, that if you ask for sweet wine, they just put sugar in to their regular wine. (True story)

7th Oct 2016, 16:10
An aside on Blackpool. It's the sort of place, that if you ask for sweet wine, they just put sugar in to their regular wine. (True story)
... and the only place I've seen where you can buy champagne from the wood. (No, I didn't!)

Loose rivets
8th Oct 2016, 10:53
I'm rambling again, so will highlight the relevant bit. A bit!!?? I hear you cry. :p

Watch off ebay in the US. Broken stem etc., etc. All declared and sold for spares.

I set about fitting a new stem. They are very fine rod and have many flats and indentations for setting the watch and the chronometer etc., but, strangely, they come from Seiko with a very long thread. Well, there were a lot of variations of the 7A** **** series back in the 80's.

Fitting a new crown-wheel and stem would be easy if you didn't have to cut the thread to length. Extremely accurate measurement is required to make the crown stop on the innermost of its three positions just a hair's breadth from the case. I got it wrong - by .25 of a mm. :ugh: Well, I am out of practice.

I took the stem and measured it with an electronic vernier. For some reason, I got out my old 1970's high quality one and rechecked the length. It took me a moment to realise it was fitting in the jaws of the manual one so precisely that it was held in place. A breath would have made it fall out.

I went over and over the sequence of events but finally, had to come to the conclusion that was how the manual one had been left since using it in the garage for car work. Accurate to a small part of a thou'.

There's hardly any thread in the crown due to the grommet needing a trough. I couldn't cheat with locktight so took the crown and decided it was an incongruous lump anyway and milled the back edge off it until it cleared the case by a wisp. It looks so much better being a bit neater.

One is moved to show a picture, but must head back to the BMW where I've found something else nasty. I'd like to discuss my visit to the main agent on a new thread. Bewildering. But I'll see what they've got to say for themselves before doing that. It just means, if I want to know what's going on, and get it right, I have to roll my sleeves up and get stuck in. Sorry, what was this thread about? :ooh:

8th Oct 2016, 13:46
check the toilet cistern out for any items not resembling a ball cock and valve configuration.

He did insert his USB stick in the car audio system! Could have uploaded a programm to remotely lock the brakes next time in a Paris underpass!

"Heard any strange black choppers overhead, in the middle of the night?"]Heard any strange black choppers overhead, in the middle of the night

Yes, but not a night.
My country gaff buzzed at 100ft shortly after making a FOI request.

I got the message:)


8th Oct 2016, 15:06
Mick....After being forced to resign from MI6 back in the 80s (some photos of me and Jimmy Saville with disco dancers) be vary aware of girls falling in love with you at the local Toby Carvery, western governments are very cunning as to the temptation of the flesh.

Go for the roast beef with the large Yorkshire pudding and if approached tell the female your gay. Having said that a few months later you might bump into Sandy and Julian, further advice via PM on this scenario.

8th Oct 2016, 16:57
Back in the eighties, I sold cars- and I always left a business card in the service book as a reminder of who sold it.

Years later, I'm a pilot, but a chum was interested in a used 911 Turbo. I sold Volvos- so I phoned my old car trade pal who specialised in Porsches.

Bugger me, he quoth- I've just taken a used Volvo in part exchange- I opened the service book and found your card- I said 'we'll never hear from him again, he's a airplane driver now. I put the card in the bin, and the phone rang.....