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5th Oct 2016, 00:23

The fiercest Caribbean storm in almost a decade battered Haiti's southwest coast with winds reaching 230 kilometres an hour and surging seas that flooded coastal towns on Tuesday, tearing at trees and rooftops before moving on to Cuba.

...looks nasty.. :sad:

5th Oct 2016, 00:53
Currently in Cancun and did wonder if we might get biffed by this but thank the lord nothing at all has come our way. Met a young lady at Gatwick on Saturday who was off to the Dominican Republic to get married so fingers crossed that all went to plan.

5th Oct 2016, 02:00
Good link thanks. Let's hope no one gets hurt.

5th Oct 2016, 04:51
As is usual at this time of year, Mrs Seafire and I are now at Fort Lauderdale, which, according to the 23:00LT update (50mins ago) is now right in Matthew's projected path. The supermarkets have sold out of bottled water and the gas (petrol) stations have had lengthy vehicle queues all afternoon, also for propane domestic gas.

Touching wood, our apartment building is good, solid, late 1950's concrete construction, with the enclosed balcony & doors/windows all having "accordion-type" metal storm shutters. We've got plenty of bottled water and food, plus the usual candles, wind-up flashlights and transistor radio etc. There is however, a downside - the building is only around 250 yards from the beach, so no cushioning from onshore winds or high tides.

We're currently expecting the winds to start building tomorrow evening with squalls and then hurricane forces on Thursday into Friday. Obviously there's still the possibility of a course-change, perhaps more towards the Bahamas than the Florida coast.

Nevertheless, if it's sunny again tomorrow morning, Mrs Seafire and I will be poolside, waiting for something to happen.


5th Oct 2016, 10:16
At this time it looks like Cape Canaveral is going to take a direct hit - I hope they've got everything locked down tight. I have friends in Jacksonville, and they're going to get some strong wind, but not too dangerous - or long-lasting, since the hurricane is speeding up and is expected to cover the length of Florida in around 24h.

5th Oct 2016, 16:23
Did it lose much energy when it made landfall over eastern Cuba?

5th Oct 2016, 17:17
Yes, it slowed slightly across Cuba, but is now picking up again. Winds of 130mph are forecast for south Florida at around 08:00hrs on Friday. There's a chance that Miami & Fort Lauderdale might now miss the worst of it, as the hurricane proceeds up towards Palm Beach, then hugging the coast continuing northwards to central Florida.

Like most hurricane forecasts, they're sprinkled with plenty of "perhaps, possiblies, mights and ifs"! Also, forecasting a new trajectory is apparently much more difficult when the hurricane's coast-hugging.

5th Oct 2016, 19:43
Evacuations are being advised for parts of Florida, Georgia and S. Carolina and the projected path looks like it will be carving up the east coast pretty fiercely. Beaches won't be the safest places to be.


5th Oct 2016, 21:55
We have family who live in Merritt Island, just inland from Cape Canaveral, who have evacuated. It looks like they'll get hit by the brunt of it, projected to be Category 4.
Three weeks ago we pulled out of a deal buying a vacation condo right on the beach at Cape Canaveral. We were bummed at the time that it hadn't worked out. But now not so much.

6th Oct 2016, 00:20
Bet it's way cheaper tomorrow or the next day.

6th Oct 2016, 20:28

I see Matthew is pretty close to you right now in FL, how’s it looking?
Hope all is good.:ok:

I’m waiting a little further north in Putnam County.:hmm:
Doesn’t seem to be much thunderstorm activity which is strange.

6th Oct 2016, 21:31
Bedsted It's currently only blustery, gusting around only 20mph, maybe up to 25mph, and thus far just very light rainfall. No thunderstorms whatsoever so far - in fact, they were last Tuesday evening when Mrs SF and I went out for dinner!

Don't want to tempt fate, but at the moment things seem quite tame down here, although it's definitely expected to liven up through tonight until tomorrow.

Looking at Channel 10 news now, they're inclined to think Matthew's "eye" might actually bypass Fort Lauderdale (touch wood, unless it soon takes a VERY sharp left!) and perhaps make landfall around Fort Pierce / Port St. Lucie? So although we are in for a hit, we might escape worse possibilities.

Anyway, I'll soon close the storm shutters for a quiet(?) night in - then we'll see how we go.

6th Oct 2016, 21:53

Thanks for the update.
Our TV is down but looking at the progress online it doesn’t look too bad (famous last words) Keep our fingers crossed.

Good luck to you and Mrs. Seafire:ok:

6th Oct 2016, 23:06
Been prepping for 3 days, lots of work securing boats in canals and other stuff.
Finished at noon today.
Been a few gusts of wind to 30-35 knots, and few rain showers but the eye passed about 150 nm off shore.
Went to bed at 16:00 for a nap and glad we missed the most of it, yet the winds will swing to the West and pick up to 55 knots, but being 3 miles inland we can deduct 15 knots.
Lucky this time, Matthew was a non-event.

6th Oct 2016, 23:24
Agree with TowerDog, it did "squall up" just after I'd responded to bedsted, but nowhere even near the levels feared. There's a high surf visible, but that's it. And I'd just spent 30mins closing the storm shutters, dammit!

Matthew remains out over the ocean, now plodding past Palm Beach. Must admit, I've had rougher nights in Paisley - although it must be said, not always due to the weather!

6th Oct 2016, 23:34
The whole of Florida's Amateur Radio Emergency Service is now on a Stage 1 alert. These are the volunteers who will provide communication between emergency shelters, Red Cross, hospitals and civil authorities if the telephone system goes down - which historically, it has done - more than once.

6th Oct 2016, 23:54
It's pretty calm in Orlando right now. We had a band band pass over a little while ago. No wind to mention, yet.

Window boards in place, yard cleared of stuff. etc. Water & food stocks in. Torches & camping lights located. I've even ironed work clothes in case the power gets cut - I have a flight to Utah to do Sat or Sun

7th Oct 2016, 10:20