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30th Sep 2016, 14:31
That this world is a pretty messed up place and on the whole, quite depressing.

There are plenty of reasons to think this is true.

American elections.
A host of country dictators whose ideas revolve around , what can I get for me.
The transposition of failure populations to successful areas of the earth in order to make them less successful.
Nasty quasi-religious wars in backward places.
Amateur terrorists popping up just about anywhere.
The decline of what you have grown up to believe is worthwhile, the things you have been proud to say you have helped build, the beliefs your fathers fought and sometimes died for.
Kardashians and the eternal selfie pout.
Commercials for a better dishwasher detergent.


Hold your family dear and closely.
Have a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits.
Build yourself the best bacon sandwich you have ever contemplated sinking your teeth into.
Go for a walk in nature, even if you have to drive two hundred miles to get there. Bring the dogs.
Bite into a fresh Autumn apple.
Know where a good pub is and get your friends there with you.
Plan for a quiet, Christmas full of love and goodwill to all men who are worthy of it.

The world is a stinking mess for the most part. Know how to keep it away.

30th Sep 2016, 14:42
Well said. Last night the sunset was amazing, there's a special quality of the late afternoon light at this time of year.

I look forward to our wonderful collection of countries here in the UK being out of the EU.

I'm also looking forward to an end of Facebook stories. You know the ones that go something like 'I was referred to my Greek cardiologist by my Czech GP and was nursed back from the dead by Polish nurses and now rely on my Hungarian therapist blah blah'. They're lovely stories. But are any of them true? And why do people forget about the many natives who work for the NHS who work just as hard?

The world most certainly is a stinking mess. The older I get they less of it I want to see.

I don't think people's views and beliefs change, rather they are told wether or not those beliefs are compatible with today's PC obsessed society.

However even if nuclear Armageddon did happen there is one thing for certain - and that is the Kardashians will still be around!

Local Variation
30th Sep 2016, 18:20
A number of years ago during a holiday to the Mayan Riveria, we ventured in land towards Chichen Itza to see the sights.

The guide stopped us off en route for a comfort break - at his grand mothers. She was snoozing in a hammock in the garden. She was 90 odd years old and had the fleet of foot of someone 30 years younger as she made a fuss of our arrival.

She had no idea of where the UK was.....'was it just down there at the end of road that way?' No idea of who George Bush was (at the time). Pretty much no idea of anything that didn't concern her. And she wasn't bothered one jot.

She lived her life, worked the land and her animals and was as stress free as one could ever get without chemicals and alchohol. Her Grandson was adamant that her youthful looking life was as a result of her simple life and a lack of world and day to day stresses and strains. He had stopped us at her home on purpose to demonstrate this and that despite the fact she had next to nothing of worth, her life was far richer than ours.

It was striking. There is much to be said of ignorance is bliss and I envied her, even back then.

30th Sep 2016, 18:51
No matter how scary and depressing the modern world appears, life wasn't 'better' in the past. 150 years ago we were putting children up chimneys, using them as prostitutes or conscripting them into brutal wars. Women had no property or financial rights and could be treated as property.

400 years ago we were disembowelling or burning alive others who worshipped the same God but in a different way to us. Anybody who was mildly eccentric or a bit 'different' was labelled possessed and cruelly treated before being drowned. You lived or died on the whim of a lord, master or even a king.

Even up until the 1960's homosexuality was a crime, women had no control over their own fertility unless they were married and couldn't even have a bank account without their husbands knowledge. We tolerated and turned a blind eye to dishonest and blatant hypocrisy by politicians or others in authority because 'we knew our place'

I like to think that despite the behaviour of some lawless third world countries (even some with a thin veneer of first world) we've come a long way and a far better quality of life than our forefathers ever dreamed of.