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23rd Sep 2016, 15:36
Warning! Aviation content.

The Air Museum of Bratislava is selling its collection, due to issues with the lease.
Doesn't look that big, but hopefully someone will be able to give the exhibits a new home.

Home Page (http://letecke-muzeum.sk/)

23rd Sep 2016, 15:53
More appropriate for AH & N, I would have said........

Hope they find homes for their exhibits...

23rd Sep 2016, 22:57
Doesn't look like much of a collection.

West Coast
24th Sep 2016, 00:17
Doesn't look like much of a collection.

So...skies the limit then?

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

John Hill
24th Sep 2016, 03:46
Doesn't look like much of a collection.

On the contrary it appears to be a very nice little collection of remarkable home built aircraft. There are a couple of items that would fit very well in our museum.

24th Sep 2016, 04:22
I agree and well presented too, it must be heart breaking for them as they appear to have really laid it out well, I wish them luck in getting the collection into safe hands or someway they can carry on. A lot of bigger museums could learn for their presentation.

John Hill
24th Sep 2016, 04:27
This is the other end of the spectrum in private air museums...

24th Sep 2016, 06:53
Hey John,

I would spend all week, possibly month in a garden like that, only comming out for quick refreshments..!:D

John Hill
24th Sep 2016, 08:24
Peter, yes a fun place to visit but somewhat sad to see so many aircraft being stored outdoors including the world's first successful jet liner being used to shade the car park.

24th Sep 2016, 09:46
Is that 4 Il-14s?

7 MiG-21s? 5 MiG-15/ 17 OK, I guess Czech built versions of...

3 MiG-19s

2 Starfighters,

Looks a great place to spend a day!

The imperialist air force B-29 tail looks a little out of place. Maybe it's a Tu-4 though?

Where is it?

John Hill
24th Sep 2016, 10:07
The B-29 tail is I think a KC-97. Among the few western bloc aircraft I noticed the mouldering remains of a Cessna 150 fuselage. Some of the larger aircraft look like they have just come out of service and having been hangared all their lives.

They are at Zruc in the Czech Republic

Somewhat of a list which I think is incomplete can be found at www.aviationmuseum.eu (http://www.aviationmuseum.eu/World/Europe/Czech%20republic/Zruc/Air_Park.htm)

They have a web page too About Us | Air Park (http://airpark.wz.cz/About-Us.html)

24th Sep 2016, 11:12
And they have cute tour guides as well!
Sezóna / Season 2015 | Air Park (http://airpark.wz.cz/Sezona-Season-2015.html)

I was expecting some grizzled old jock to show me around, but I definitely won't be complaining.
Wonder if this year they'll be the same...?

24th Sep 2016, 11:21
. This is the other end of the spectrum in private air museums...

Looks more like a junk yard than a museum..

John Hill
24th Sep 2016, 11:22
They seem quite happy with it.

24th Sep 2016, 19:36
The Tu 104 the worlds first successful jet airliner, John?

24th Sep 2016, 19:42
From Wiki:- The world's first successful jet airliner.

Although it was the sixth jet airliner to fly (following, in order, the British Vickers Type 618 Nene-Viking, de Havilland Comet , Canadian Avro Canada C102 Jetliner, US Boeing 367-80 and French Sud Caravelle), the Tu-104 was the second to enter regular service (with Aeroflot) and the first to provide a sustained and successful service (the Comet which had entered service in 1952, was withdrawn from 1954-1958 following a series of crashes due to structural failure). The Tu-104 was the sole jetliner operating in the world between 1956 and 1958.

John Hill
24th Sep 2016, 20:55
The Tu 104 the worlds first successful jet airliner, John?

Sorry about the Comet.