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22nd Sep 2016, 08:08
Both are recovering in Hospital.
Dramatic video shows a Greek Apache helicopter crash into the sea | Daily Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3801162/Dramatic-video-shows-moment-Greek-Apache-helicopter-crashed-nose-sea-flipped-pilots-SURVIVED.html)

Pontius Navigator
22nd Sep 2016, 08:40
If you are going to crash this is how to do it. Prefect to the point of touch down then it looks like the wheel drag caused it to flip. Very lucky to survive.

22nd Sep 2016, 09:00
Too late on the round out again, Hoskins.

22nd Sep 2016, 09:10
Just a drop in the ocean.....

22nd Sep 2016, 09:39
... And more ad revenue for the daily mail.

22nd Sep 2016, 10:22
If he'd pulled collective about 10" higher that would have been just about perfect. Glad both are ok.

22nd Sep 2016, 10:27
And more ad revenue for the daily mail.
Boeing will make a few dollars too. :}

22nd Sep 2016, 11:21
It is possible to post a URL without making it live. Every live link enhances their ranking.

22nd Sep 2016, 12:32
I keep thinking looking at the video...the conversation went something like..."hey Spiros...loook girls on the beach...lets show them how cool we are"

22nd Sep 2016, 12:59
That's just a Greek prick demonstrating that Murricanes don't have a total monopoly on stupidity.


22nd Sep 2016, 13:19
jet Blast ???

What's with the catastrophic engine failure?

22nd Sep 2016, 13:26
There's a thread on this at the Mil Forum. Any reason why we need two? Suggest that some of you head over there and read what's being said by a few people who may know something about flying military helicopters.

Pontius Navigator
22nd Sep 2016, 14:13
Still, dry it out, polish with chamy, be like new