View Full Version : Det Gnome - Waddo Air Show

3rd Jul 2002, 14:11
Has anyone got any photos or info about Det Gnome and his exploits at the Waddo Air Show? CAS was most impressed by his smart outfit, as were most of the punters.

I believe he is of to Oz with a P-3 crew, keep us updated.

3rd Jul 2002, 16:19
Try these two threads:



3rd Jul 2002, 19:10
I'm still hoping to return to shawbs at some point for some R&R, and probably some essential maintenance as well. MIght have to be kidnapped at RIAT..... (assuming I'm there)

3rd Jul 2002, 19:52
All essential maintenance complete and now hot to trot!

I also enjoyed the convivial nature of the UAS girl in (or should that be out?) of the red bra; it's amazing where they will let you put a zap!

3rd Jul 2002, 21:50
SHAWBURY v Australia / New Zealand / Antarctic / Malaysia

Lets think about this:

Let him go! P3 Crews, keep a tight reign on him. Nimrod mates, pass the word, send him forth.

Last I saw he needed no maintenance, in fact he was as happy as a Gnome in a Puma.


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