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21st Sep 2016, 16:21
Stunt pilot is nearly decapitated on the runway as the wing of a plane taking off slices through his cockpit roof (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3800243/Stunt-pilot-nearly-decapitated-runway-wing-plane-taking-slices-cockpit-roof.html)


21st Sep 2016, 17:44
Scary video especially as my son was actually taking part in Reno for the first time this year (came first in the Silver class). He is an occasional poster on Pprune as well.

As he e-mailed to me:

won the silver and almost got to run in the gold but was flagged to stop due to a crash on the grid right in front of me

Sue VÍtements
21st Sep 2016, 22:40
I'm surprised the 'offending' aircraft stopped so quickly. I mean I know it hit something, but I would have thought there would be enough momentum to take it a lot further down the runway

22nd Sep 2016, 06:37
Very lucky Pilot, he should have gone straight away and bought a Lottery Ticket whilst that Aura of luck was with him..! :ok:

Talking of Reno

...one of my Ex Shackleton Griffon's and set of Contra props were powering Gary Levitz when he bought the Farm..in his highly modified P51

22nd Sep 2016, 07:27
Sue, I think the Go Pro camera will have made the other racer look to be going faster than it actually was at impact - I have one on my push-bike and I look like I'm doing about 25-30mph on the flat when I'm probably doing less than 20mph. Lucky, lucky escape...

Geordie, maybe Des can tell us how close the aircraft are when they are on the starting grid - I don't recall much about the F1 aircraft when I was there, too interested in the Unlimiteds!

Not been a good couple of years for Thom's aeroplanes, his Griffon/contra-prop P-51 "Precious Metal" suffered a serious fire on the ground a year or two back.

Stay safe Thom!

Peter, I witnessed the Miss Ashley crash. A sad loss of a great Reno veteran and an amazing looking aeroplane (not really a P-51, the fuselage was mostly new build I believe, with the wings and tailplane off a Lear Jet). The Griffon and contra props sounded great at 400mph plus!

22nd Sep 2016, 14:40

I was so sad that I never actually met Gary Levitz, it was wrong time of the year for me and my business, but the engine I sold to him and his pal were all zero hours Griff along with zero timed Contras...of course along with many other bit and piece that are needed to get those beast going...but a great shame, whilst I am a bit of a Dare-devil I feel the Lear parts would have kept me firmly as a watcher...not a do-er...but he certainly went very fast indeed.

We recently started up my old Bristol Hercules over in Yorkshire, its a bit of a tribute to my old man ( and his type) who flew in Beau's from 39 to 45. he was alive when I first started it up without prop and fastened to an old hgv Trailer Chassis..the noise was huge and brought streams of tears to the old chaps eyes..he never explained anything of WW2 until two years before he took his last flight.

22nd Sep 2016, 14:43
Lucky couple of pilots there, but the headline "Stunt pilots......" FFS, they are racers !!!!

I was at Reno in 2000? and there was a crash right in front of us, it happened so fast.

Geordie_Expat, well done your son, I am ex-Geordie, and my son is a pilot too, but not a racer.

4 hours later and I just looked up when I was there. It was 2002 and it was the Questair Venture crash that took the life of Tommy Rose.

22nd Sep 2016, 15:04
He does have the air racing bug having started in the new Air Race F1 a couple of years ago in Barcelona then last year again in Spain and also Tunisia in "Hart Attack". It was cancelled this year for security concerns.

His steed in Reno was called "Chaos Theory" and, needless to say, has a Facebook site called Chaos Theory Air Racing which has a bit more detail about the Thom Richard incident.

Edit: Agree about the stunt pilot comment - usual high class reporting.

22nd Sep 2016, 22:45
More on the sister site:

Reno Air Race - Airline Pilot Central Forums (http://www.airlinepilotforums.com/hangar-talk/97313-reno-air-race.html)

23rd Sep 2016, 12:52
Sorry, thread creep!

Peter, if your Hercules is potentially airworthy, suitable for a Beau and you ever need to pass it on, contact The Fighter Collection at Duxford. Their Beau restoration seems to be moribund and I know they were lacking the right mark of Hercules... Bet your Dad would have loved to see one back in the air... I would.

23rd Sep 2016, 13:08
The Herc was loand to them about 1994/5 or 6 for them to take accurate engine bearer measurements, they had it for about 5 months and said it wasn't the Mk they wanted, so we collected it, Dad stood alongside the Cockpit part of the Beau, with his hand on the cockpit skin whilst I was sorting out some Griff Spares from my trailer for them..which I gave (FOC) for them to get several kites able to work, then watched the first start up of a completely re-furbished Spit without any panels round the engine for leak spotting, as well as being anchored down to rings set in concrete pads. was indeed a wonderful day but the old man sat in complete silence all the way back, possibly deep in emotional thoughts and memories,. no doubt. we stopped of at Ketton for him to speak with his brother who was ex 617, followed by a quiet return to Lancashire

23rd Sep 2016, 15:22
The view from the other side of the accident:

23rd Sep 2016, 15:48
Is a forward facing camera and daylight viewable screen too pricey a safety feature for these sophisticated machines?