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Flava Saver
12th Sep 2016, 08:30
Bit of a non standard post here actually wanting to pass on credit where it's due.

Just a shout out to the controller who works BNE Centre with a very friendly and always cheery welcome & sincere good bye to/from her sector and just damn good controlling at any time of the day on 127.2 in the northern NSW southern QLD area. Nothing is a problem nor issue, and amongst my colleagues we appreciate your awesome professionalism like most controllers in Aus. 👍🏽

Summer is approaching (re storms along the east coast) and a thanks in advance to you guys for the chaos & mayhem that will unfold no doubt as always!

13th Sep 2016, 01:09
There's a saying that runs along the lines of "Am I up here because you're down there, or are you down there because I'm up here". It is a partnership, and neither would be there without the other. I've cringed on a number of occasions when the hapless controller has been subject to an unedifying rant from a person "up there" who thought the skies belonged to them alone. Controllers, bless them, always kept their cool. Hats off to you all.

13th Sep 2016, 03:26
You know 90% of Aussie pilots think controllers are annoying subordinates so that's a refreshing post

13th Sep 2016, 04:34
.... Really Mattyj..... 90% of Australian pilots think that way?????

You also know that 78% of statistics are made up.


Good on the ATC for doing a great job


rowdy trousers
13th Sep 2016, 06:25
To be sure, to be sure... and what a lovely accent to go with it.

13th Sep 2016, 06:40
As someone who began a career in the days of Flight Service Units, No radar, Procedural Control, and those who would always have a cup of tea for you if you wished to visit them in the country bases, ( Mt Isa, Normanton, Cairns, Rocky, Maroochy, Coffs ), and progressed to the latest technology in aircraft and ATC, both domestically and internationally, I have the utmost respect for every man and woman that guided me through all sorts of skies over forty eight years. Please know that you are well and truely appreciated.

13th Sep 2016, 12:20
Ah Oldbrigade! Take me back to the times when there were 2 classes of airspace (CTA and OCTA), a friendly briefing officer, an FSO who actually knew the airspace and could tell which aircraft was calling not by the rego but by the sound of the pilots voice. Green screen radars and procedural boards :ok:

Sadly though things have progressed. There's no way ATC could handle todays traffic density with the facilities that existed 20 years ago. The SY-ML route is the 3rd most busiest in the world.

p.s Flayva, you are lucky to get a 'g'day' these days. Lets hope she never has an incident...she'll get hauled over the coals for wasting airtime possibly endangering emergency comms and for using non-standard phraseology...

Flava Saver
13th Sep 2016, 12:43
Rowdy Trousers, you nailed it. :D

It's funny, we fly through the sector early morning, or late evening and she still has the same awesome positive no problem approach to her job. Just hope someone lets her know how much we appreciate it. It's a breath of fresh air.

As a side note, maybe air services need a feedback app? Hahahaha

No high speed? 0. :}
Sodprops? Min speed? 0. :}
'Slow cat' are in front doing max speed, haha ok 'reducing'? 0. :oh:
Virgin E-jet is landing with downwind on the non duty runway, reduce speed? 0. :ugh:

Sense of humor folks. :zzz:

13th Sep 2016, 23:17
If we're talking about the lady with the charming Irish lilt, then I too agree that she is wonderful at her job and a pleasure to deal with.

Not that her other ASA colleagues are not, it's just that she's a standout.

The other few who are also noteworthy include a British gentlemen and a North American as well.

It'd be a tough job at times (and some of our less diplomatic, impatient pilot colleagues don't always help either) but as in any industry, some within it just make it look soooo easy.

My thanks to all the guys and girls who do their best to make sure we don't go bump in the night! :ok::ok::ok:

14th Sep 2016, 02:39
a British gentlemen Yes just northbound out of Sydney. The BBC announcer. Never sounds too phased.
Agreed with the sentiments regarding the others. Perhaps it's the frequency.? There's another controller up there, is also very helpful. Particularly with the general broadcasts to traffic when the summer storms are rolling into the gold coast and brisbane.

14th Sep 2016, 16:53
I didn't realise how good ATC was until I left the country for different pastures a few years ago.....

Although Aus ATC are very quick to file reports......it is always very refreshing when I log onto YMMM......I know I'm in good hands!!!!!!!


14th Sep 2016, 20:08
"It is a partnership, and neither would be there without the other."

I wouldn't go that far, plenty of aviation occurs without the support of ATC, just ask Africa, or Dick Smith.

14th Sep 2016, 23:13
Aw you guys stop you're making me blush 🙈 Ha ha thank you! I do try to be cheery and help out whenever I can. So bear with me during storm season please ha ha!

14th Sep 2016, 23:22
Oh and PS Hempy - I endeavour not to "waste air time", "endanger emergency comms" or "use non standard phraseology". I just try to have a pleasant attitude. G'day ;)

Captain Dart
14th Sep 2016, 23:25
When we log on to YMMM, my standing joke to the other pilot is, 'What is the definition of a nanosecond?' Answer, 'The time span between logging on and MEL hassling you for your position report' (usually while you are just trying to send it, and your system gets locked up with the multiple messages).

After many years of international flying, I would describe Australian ATC as 'adequate but anal'. I rate it in the middle of the pack, that has the Brits and the Americans at the top followed by Western Europe.

Other observations of the bottom of the pile: India: improving, but could hardly have gotten any worse. China: 'Bizarro World'. Nothing more to be said. Burma/Bangladesh: just caught up with the 1960s. Most of south and east Asia except for the Philippines: actually quite good considering the amount of traffic they handle, crap weather, English not first language, and terrain in many cases that makes Mt. Kosciusko look like a speed hump. Our dispatchers could save an entire forest by putting on the NOTAMs what aids are serviceable in the Philippines instead of what is not; but even so, the traffic density at Manila sometimes makes Melbourne or Sydney look like a country fly-in, and they cope.

Many Aussie ATCOs are excellent to deal with, but what is it with our separation standards? It just seems that many other countries seem to do far more with less, in much more challenging environments, and appear to achieve the same degree of safety.

15th Sep 2016, 00:16
When we log on to YMMM, my standing joke to the other pilot is, 'What is the definition of a nanosecond?' Answer, 'The time span between logging on and MEL hassling you for your position report' (usually while you are just trying to send it).

Yup, totally agree with that one. YBBB can be the same. I had an incident once where we'd just entered the YBBB FIR from Ujung. The CPDLC was being particularly slow and taking a long time to send messages. Next minute, up pops a message from YBBB: 'Check messages and respond'. FFS, do they think we sit there and ignore them? They got an equally terse message in response.

Captain Dart
15th Sep 2016, 00:28
I find YMMM worse than YBBB, and it's usually the women.

I'll now be off line while I look for a flame-proof suit.

15th Sep 2016, 07:34
Is BBC presenter a good thing or bad hahaha
If talking about 132.35/130.1 just north of Sydney there's three Brits on these frequencies. Two not so good ones & me (only joking )
Me and one of the other Brits are ex NATS

Ill take it as a compliment though :)

Flava Saver
15th Sep 2016, 10:18
Glad that the compliment's have reached you guys rotorblades and sucati!

Be great to put faces to the voices one day.

Chat soon. :ok:

15th Sep 2016, 10:25
Thanks a million Flava Saver! I owe you a beer for being my PR machine! :ok:

The The
15th Sep 2016, 11:57
"Track direct to SOSIJ, max speed, cancel speed restrictions."

Gotta love that one!

15th Sep 2016, 12:42
Always enjoy dealing with the Canadian (I think) gent on BN APP. They're all really good but he is a standout. Seems to always make things as easy as possible and keeps you in the loop if anything unusual is happening.

16th Sep 2016, 00:37
I find YMMM worse than YBBB, and it's usually the women.

I'll now be off line while I look for a flame-proof suit.

Ouch! That hurts ;-)

16th Sep 2016, 00:59
There is a certain controller on ML CTR that insists on giving you any and every possible IFR/VFR/Underground traffic within a 180nm radius of your destination. Apart from that, the rest seem pretty good.

16th Sep 2016, 01:12
Haha...Perhaps a trainee. Because the majority of us try to avoid passing traffic info as much as possible when it's not required.

The name is Porter
16th Sep 2016, 11:53
mmmm, anyone picking a trend here?

16th Sep 2016, 13:09
that the people who are great aren't locals? Yous could also see evidence of that in other professions.

le Pingouin
17th Sep 2016, 06:27
That you remember the foreign voice and can't tell the difference between all the locals?