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11th Sep 2016, 17:39
From the link below,

At what point might the crew decide enough is enough or are there legal boundaries given that the deportee was 'escorted' and in cuffs?

And, why would the crew say the following?

"Ironically, rather than calming worried passengers, easyJet cabin crew ordered passengers to delete videos and pictures of the man they had taken on mobile phones."

Terror on EasyJet flight as migrant being deported to Venice screams 'Allahu Akbar' 29 times, 'death is coming' 17 times and 'we will die' nine times in shocking two-hour frenzy | Daily Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3783356/Terror-EasyJet-flight-migrant-deported-Venice-screams-Allahu-Akbar-29-times-death-coming-17-times-die-nine-times-shocking-two-hour-frenzy.html)

11th Sep 2016, 17:48
Simple solution:

Mad deportees in one container, drunks in another and screaming kids in a third.
Ok, maybe EZY don't have containers. Dog cages then.

11th Sep 2016, 18:38
... being deported to Venice, of all places? I guess that was the cheapest available flight to anywhere in Italy?

Hotel Tango
11th Sep 2016, 19:14
And, as usual, the paying customers are treated with contempt by the airline. He should have immediately been off loaded! Easyjet nul points!

11th Sep 2016, 20:17
Gets to Venice, claims asylum, probably granted, within EU, not a lot to stop him coming back and doing something here, or Paris, or Brussels or......

11th Sep 2016, 20:32
It's bad but it's no worse than a couple of 'new age' parents allowing young Henrietta or Tarquin to scream unchallenged or running up and down the aisle - usually running away from the gluten and dairy free raw vegan snacks that they're trying to force the kid to eat.

Being handcuffed at least contains the problem.

11th Sep 2016, 20:52
It's a strange thing: running kids are drawn towards my big feet which 'accidently' protrude into the aisle.

Piltdown Man
11th Sep 2016, 21:00
I don't care much for economic migrants, especially those who prove they woukd threaten our way of life in Britain. The quicker we are shot of them, the better. But Easyjet passengers should not have to put up with Mr Scumbag. Let him rot in detention for a few more weeks until a whole group of foul mouthed "Alu Ahbar" chanting friends can join him on a private charter.


11th Sep 2016, 21:28
Badly handled if reports are facts. If anyone had asked him to 'Shut his face' they may have received the treatment he deserved. That is the vexing possibility.

11th Sep 2016, 21:33
What an amateurish way to deport illegal immigrants. I was operating out of Milan for Air Europe back in 2003. One special charter was a flight to Turin to collect over a hundred deportees who were boarded with massive police and military security, each handcuffed to a police officer. The noise, kicking, screaming and obscenities were indescribable throughout the subsequent flight to somewhere in Africa. We returned with just the police officers who made the most of the onboard hospitality, which they had well earned. That is the way to do it, not by scheduled airline.

11th Sep 2016, 21:43
If true, not sure why the skipper did not say anything. Had a guy a couple of years ago (at EZY) who was being deported to Amsterdam - it was the 5th attempt. I made a PA in front of the PAX, telling them it had so far cost tens of thousands of pounds to try and get him out of the country (which was true). I warned them he would probably scream his head off, but was escorted by three security guards and there was nothing to fear. I also said if anyone was too uncomfortable when he was on board, I would happy to return to the gate. Pax were fine with that and the guy stopped screaming once we were airborne.

Regarding posters above saying the chap would claim asylum in Italy, we do not know what his final destination was. In the case of the screamer on my flight, the Dutch authorities were going to deport him to somewhere in West Africa, where he came from.

11th Sep 2016, 23:17
Once a photograph is taken the police need a warrant to seize it or an airline needs a court order to prevent it being published.

Requests by cabin crew to delete a photo taken by passengers have no legal basis.

The authority of cabin crew is subtly undermined when they are instructed to mislead public.

Airlines are not liable if passengers publish pictures. In most countries there is no right to privacy.

Perhaps airlines are simply interested in controlling their corporate image?


11th Sep 2016, 23:18
Hotel Tango and others. Wise up, and listen...

This is not new, this has been going on for years and it is a f******g scandal. Forgive me, this angers me so much.

It must be 7 or 8 years ago I was Capt on a flight from London to Paris with just such a scumbag dragged on board by immigration officers who explained the deportee was finally, after four or five years of trying (!!!) off to be put back under his stone.
The creep was screaming blue murder, Allahu and all that crap, your'e all gonna die etc and I asked how my pax were expected to react to that.
I'd had no forewarning of this event before some guy came up the steps pre-flight with an Immigration ID, Id never even heard of this situation before and like all pilots I'd never been trained how to deal with it. Completely blindsided by an avalanche of shrieking, obscenities, threats and hatred. It seemed like a riot scene from a bad day in Newham. Oh, don't worry said the gumment drone, he'll shut up when the doors are closed and he realises it's all over. I wondered if he really would. It didn't seem likely. I wondered how the hell we'd board at all with the tirade of spittle, violence and abuse.
The head drone implored me not to refuse him, though he admitted it was my right as Captain and explained it had taken years to get this scumbag out of the country. As if I didn't know. His name was often in the papers. If I refused him it would be back to square one, appeal process starts all over again and hundreds of thousands more of taxpayers money squandered in pointless further legal battles and incarceration in 5* luxury accommodation.
It was taking six burly guards to even remotely hold this maniac down, they would not gag the bastard (apparenty that's not the done thing - we must be gentlemanly when dealing with murderous religious fanatics trying to destroy our society, after all...) and ther was no way at all I could subject 140 pax to this level of violence and abuse. I had to refuse him, sick to the core as I was. I am still sick to the core to this day that I contributed to this piece of filth's campaign to ruin our country.
I thought long and hard about how I could explain to the pax why their trip to Paris was part of a foul mouthed, 120db hate fuelled and spittle filled violent fight in the back three rows and simply could not find a justification for it. There was no justification - kids were on board too. It was out of the question.
The poor chap accepted my decision well enough but added the info this was the third time the **** had evaded extradition this way and it would be 6 - 9 months, weeks of wasted courts time and hundreds of thousands of before the same thing happened again.
Worse was the guy's explanation. There exist "charities" - actual registered "charities" in the UK whose remit is allegedly to "protect the safety of deportees"' This apparently involves the full co-operation of the detention authorities who, by means of the poison of political (in)correctness are forced to allow these criminally irresponsible imbeciles masquerading as do-gooders access to the deportees who then coach them - on home Office premises - and under Home Office observation - in how to make themselves so offensive and obnoxious that they cannot be carried on public transport. Shrieking and screaming continuously, fighting tooth and nail, spitting, urinating, defecating and howling threats about life, death and "allah" are all part of the training. Basically make themselves so awful no one will carry them to be deported. And the Home Office supports, facilitates and hosts this activity on their own premises! Unwillingly I dare say, but they do so nonetheless.
Mainly bluestocking ladies and the predictable dreadlocked hippie types, the man told me. All white native British. God help us all.
But why not put the scum in a paddywagon and drive them to Paris on the ferry where they annoy no one on the car deck, I asked. Oh, can't do that. Contrary to their "human" rights. What about the Human Rights of my other pax I asked. Can't confine people in a vehicle for 10 hrs apparently. Not humane. So send them by coach I suggested. No, that's not a humane way to get people to Paris either, apparently. Only flying will do. Coach passengers might like to consider this curious item of gumment policy, I think!

Thus I was forced to collude in squandering hundreds of thousands of taxpayers money and further the destructive campaign of a hate filled racist bastard thanks to the coaching of some brain-dead do-gooders taking advantage of our insane cotton wool rules, and I feel sick whenever I think about it. But you'll have gathered that already, I expect.

Private jets????? Are they ******* kidding???? Private ****** jets for Christ's sake? Chained up in the back a Herc if there is a score or more of them perhaps. They must be laughing their socks off when they get home. Why, why should these criminals be allowed - expected - to swan home like Millionaires or share space with fare paying pax is beyond my comprehension, especially when the detention authorities themselves collude in coaching them to make themselves uncarryable, so why not put the scum into cattletrucks and get sent back the correct way? I was assured the cotton wool rules we were applying wouldn't be observed once this creep got to Paris, from there on he'd have been made to toe the line though treated in a perfectly humane manner as long as he reciprocated. Why can't we do that?
What on earth is the matter with us?

Utterly disgraceful.

Rant over, but I'd feel a whole lot better for it if this sort of insanity was better publicised.

11th Sep 2016, 23:57
They seem to be quite happy to sneak into the country with dozens of others in a twenty foot container. They surely couldn't complain if the same method was used to extradite them? Kick, scream and spit all they want and no one would be the slightest bit inconvenienced.

12th Sep 2016, 01:03
on a few airlines, this would have been the pilot!

12th Sep 2016, 01:34
Can I just point out that EasyJet say only three complaints were made. Was it as big a deal as the Mail makes out? They say it "emerged" that the home office uses budget airlines as if this is a recent discovery yet I recall this being shown on Uk TV several times in the past.

12th Sep 2016, 02:01
One wonders why it is that money can always be found to fund second homes for MPs who live only a mile or two up the road from the Westminster dinner club but funds are inevitably limited when it comes to this. Actually one does not wonder; one merely observes, with an increasingly jaundiced eye, the way one's taxes are spent.

12th Sep 2016, 06:21
Guys if a pax wants the cheapest ticket then he gets what he payed for: cheap fare and sometimes deranged ppl.
Next time better use a full-service carrier instead of CheapSkate Air.

And I'll write it again: CC should be given tasers and NLW, and use them when they deem it appropriate, like this scenario.
Or the police could fill the scumbag with sedatives and tranquilizers.

12th Sep 2016, 07:01
Yes. Avoid LCCs. You don't get deportees on full service airlines. What was that LCC called where G4S managed to kill a deportee on. Great British Air or something like that? And another LCC from dunnunda beginning with a Q who deport Tamil deportees?

12th Sep 2016, 08:53
Is there some good reason that they cannot be flown on military flights?

12th Sep 2016, 08:53
Cost I should imagine.

12th Sep 2016, 11:00
Or the police could fill the scumbag with sedatives and tranquilizers.

I asked that too. Contrary to their bloody "human" rights of course.

Scotbill, quite, why can't the Military do it?

12th Sep 2016, 11:22
What happens when a 'prisoner' on an aircraft wants to visit the toilet?

12th Sep 2016, 11:25
What happens when a 'prisoner' on an aircraft wants to visit the toilet?

They can go whenever they like. It is just that they are sitting belted into a seat, flexicuffed with a blanket thrown over them at the time!

That is for "prisoners" cuffed on board of course. With escorted prisoners the guards will sort it out.

12th Sep 2016, 11:38
They can go whenever they like. It is just that they are sitting belted into a seat, flexicuffed with a blanket thrown over them at the time!

That is for "prisoners" cuffed on board of course. With escorted prisoners the guards will sort it out.
Which raises further questions - are the 'evacuees' forcibly dressed before departure?

What happens if they refuse to dress?

sled dog
12th Sep 2016, 11:44
As someone recently said " we need less Mother Theresa and more Sergeant Major "...

12th Sep 2016, 13:36
Since our military pilots and crew need to do training, surely these could be planned as "training flights"?

Ah, but that would require some "joined up thinking".

12th Sep 2016, 14:04
Wageslave: thanks for your account. Forewarned is forearmed. I too feel nauseous about how we undermine our own society in the way you describe. We need to be more robust in this matter and get rid of these vile people along with all other illegal immigrants whom the courts have finished with, quickly and efficiently.

12th Sep 2016, 15:05
A quick punch to the throat would have sufficed as a generous goodbye gift from the people of the U.K. !

12th Sep 2016, 16:52
Dublin was always a problem for this. Unfortunately deportees cause havoc & it is often very difficult for the Captain or the Airline to off load them. (Take them or you don't go Captain)
However surprised Captain said nothing but in this day & age litigation seems to be gagging the explanations from the flight deck.

12th Sep 2016, 19:28
Perhaps all that orange colour scheme and orange uniforms lit the blokes fuse. These guys have a certain degree of aversion to that particular colour. Know of any airline with green or black livery ?

12th Sep 2016, 19:59
Why oh why please are deportees on a civilian flight,

12th Sep 2016, 21:05
I don't care much for economic migrants,

Leave Stelios out of this............

Una Due Tfc
12th Sep 2016, 21:41
A great Dane cage in the hold, they even get a bowl of water.

SMT Member
12th Sep 2016, 21:58
There is no reason to cart troublesome deportees around Europe by air, or any other means of public transport. None. Put them in the back of a minivan, if necessary chained up, and drive them to wherever they're going. Appreciate it's a long way from, say, Helsinki to Malaga, but the journey will probably still be more comfortable overall, than the underside of a lorry or an overcrowded dinghy.

They get one shot at playing nice, in return for a pleasent journey by air. If not, it's straightjacket and adult diaper on and in the back of a van for a 30 hour roadtrip. Make it simple, make it their choice.

13th Sep 2016, 06:18
Convert old super tankers into real locked down prison ships.

One might lose a few on the way. :E

Huggy Fluffies might object though.

13th Sep 2016, 07:27
Sad to say, while there are 'a few' bona fide asylum seekers, most of them are just working the system.

During one overnight stop in Frankfurt airport many years ago, I had a long conversation with a chap from North Africa. He told me frankly that he arrived in Germany by air, claimed he lost his passport and claimed asylum. The authorities allowed him to stay and gave him a document which allowed residence but not work. It also allowed him a fixed allowance per week. Needless to say he was working illegally and sending a good bit home.

When I met him, he had just taken advantage of an amnesty which gave him a free ticket home, and some cash ...something like DM2000 if I remember correctly. He went to the authorities saying look I found my passport, now I want to go home. He had used the money to buy some commercial goods and his 2 suitcases were full of these stuff. When I mentioned that he would probably be charged for excess baggage he looked at me as if I were stupid and said.. the government bought the ticket so the the government will pay! Thinking it over it made sense as I didn't see the airline offloading this gentleman.!

When I asked him his plans, he said that he would stay in his country until after the Eid festival and then come back to Germany as he still had some work to complete! He said he had to use a new passport with a different name as the other one was already recorded by the German authorities.

It seemed to me that he has been playing this game for some time, probably a lot more like him staying at the taxpayers expense! Anyway the airlines get good business from the government!


13th Sep 2016, 07:56
He should have immediately been off loaded!

Presumably the a/c would have to come down to below a certain altitude before the door could be opened?

It's a strange thing: running kids are drawn towards my big feet which 'accidently' protrude into the aisle.

And my elbows.

Above The Clouds
13th Sep 2016, 10:37
Convert old super tankers into real locked down prison ships.

One might lose a few on the way. :E

Huggy Fluffies might object though.

Those old ships have a nasty habit of sinking when fully loaded :ooh:

13th Sep 2016, 17:56
C-130's are built for the job. They have a ramp which can be opened in flight for airborne dispatch of cargo ...............

13th Sep 2016, 18:57
If what Wageslave wrote is true (and I believe him), then the real enemies are not those "poor migrants" but the humanitarian organizations (haha!) which effectively game the system, ripping off the community and allowing those alleged migrants to stay where they don't belong.
Time to wisen up.

Impress to inflate
14th Sep 2016, 22:57
I was a Capt of a flight to transport two illegal immigrants about 5 years ago. My cabin crewman was 6"7 and weighed 145kgs. Just to help things along, the medic gave them a "little injection to help them sleep". Didn't hear peep out of them all flight. Even when we landed and they were transferred on the next onward flight (a turbo prop), they were sleeping like babies.

15th Sep 2016, 02:56
It was said the Soviet commercial aircraft all had a cell at the back for transporting those considered to be problematic.

John Hill
15th Sep 2016, 04:28
Meadowrun I was said the Soviet commercial aircraft all had a cell at the back for transporting those considered to be problematic.

I dont know about that but I have been on Il-18 aircraft which had a very small passenger compartment at the back (8 or so seats) which remained in place when the rest of the aircraft was converted for freight operations.

Pontius Navigator
15th Sep 2016, 13:12
Scotbill, Cheaper to fly budget for few hundred. MOD would charge a few thousand.

Common misconception that military=Government=free.

The MOD has been tightening accounting for over 25 years with one station billing another when commonsense suggests simple quid pro quo.

Oops, sorry, forgot Latin no longer PC.

15th Sep 2016, 23:48
It's a strange thing: running kids are drawn towards my big feet which 'accidently' protrude into the aisle.
And my elbows.

Isn't it a little bit strange when adult men delight in tripping up and hurting children. Insecurity sometimes breeds cowardly bullies.

16th Sep 2016, 00:20
Of course they should not be put on commercial flights. Con-Pilot, I hope that you are happy up there. I know that you agree.

16th Sep 2016, 17:18
I seem to remember some years ago an acqaintance, who at the time was a captain with a UK LoCo operator, telling me that the previous day he'd operated a charter to Pristina (or somewhere similar in Eastern Europe) on behalf of HMG in order to repatriate a whole bunch of undesirables.

Apparently it was a regular event and not publicised, for obvious reasons. Whether it still happens I know not. I do remember seeing a clip on TV of a similar deportation where the operator's logo had been pixellated out but it was still possible to identify the carrier!

16th Sep 2016, 17:26
Toadstool you're right.
Children are not responsible for behaving like wild animals with no respect for other people around.
Their parents are.
They are the ones that should be disciplined and kicked out of public places.