View Full Version : Air Tractor bites the dust - Esperance, W.A.

10th Sep 2016, 10:58
It appears a local cropduster has made an unscheduled landing in a paddock N of Esperance, W.A. this morning.

From the W.A. Police Farcebook page ...

"At about 9.55am today a crop dusting plane crashed on a property approximately 105 kilometres north of Esperance.
The pilot, a 29 year old man from Victoria, sustained serious injuries but managed to alight the aircraft.
He has been conveyed to Royal Perth Hospital by Royal Flying Doctor Service in a stable condition."

Glad to hear the pilot has survived, and I trust his injuries are not that serious that he suffers long-term problems from them.

The Air Tractor looks to be rather sad, I suspect she may be a write-off. (news article below wrongly states pilot is in "critical" condition - Police advice is more accurate)

ABC NEWS (AUST) - Cropduster Pilot injured in plane crash in Eastern W.A. (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-09-10/pilot-injured-in-plane-crash-in-wa-south/7833390)

tail wheel
10th Sep 2016, 20:42
The PT6 looks sad, bent in the power section casing?

11th Sep 2016, 04:33
TW - It appears that you could be looking for an extended period of time, to find many usable components from that PT6! The solid clayey ground is hard and unforgiving in that neck of the woods!