View Full Version : what was going on in Paris?

Uncle Fred
10th Sep 2016, 01:26
Three women with gas canisters. Was this a close call or were they still some way from being a danger?
I understand that when the gendarmerie apprehended them the good gals were reciting the Westminster Confession.

Effluent Man
10th Sep 2016, 03:30
My Paris co respondent told me earlier in the week that this was "something and nothing". As it turned out though it does appear to have been an attempt at a terrorist attack as one of those apprehended stabbed one of the arresting bluebouteille.

It seems the three women were a bit incompetent, parked opposite a police station, put the hazard warning lights on and used her dad's car!

10th Sep 2016, 06:42
Stupid children with evil minds.

10th Sep 2016, 06:44
As Em has said it was initially being reported by French media as an incident of some concern but also perhaps "something and nothing". Turns out there was a lot going on we didn't know about...


10th Sep 2016, 07:38
The groupís first attempted attack involved parking a Peugeot 607 car packed with gas cylinders near the cathedral in the heart of Paris and trying to blow it up. The car was also found to have contained diesel canisters and a barely-smoked cigarette had been thrown into the car near a canister with traces of hydrocarbons. Molins said the perpetrators had clearly tried to blow the car up and if they had succeeded it would have led to the explosion of the whole vehicle

Based on their actions, I find it hard to believe this was more than a badly fumbled, ill thought out, untrained, childish bit of theatrics. Evil, nevertheless.

Effluent Man
10th Sep 2016, 10:17
To be engaged to one terrorist is unfortunate, to be engaged to two looks like carelessness, to be engaged to three looks like she definitely had her burkha in a twist.

10th Sep 2016, 10:23
I know from extensive childhood experimentation chucking a lit fag onto petrol, or diesel, will simply extinguish the cigarette.

Effluent Man
10th Sep 2016, 10:59
In theory you can set the vapour on fire with petrol,diesel though is very much less hazardous. The obvious way to approach it would be a firework with a slow burning fuse. A misspent youth?