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Sue VÍtements
9th Sep 2016, 14:39
The Scandinavian Door thread made me think about Scandinavian Noir. I've watched a lot and read/listened to quite a few too.

Obviously Stieg Larsson and the Millennium trilogy. Listened to the audio books and watched both the Swedish and American versions.

Bron (The Bridge). Watched that one and the American version. Tried to watch the tunnel, but couldn't find my multi region player. Apparently it started off as a Canadian story, though I've not seen that

Wallander is another obvious one, both versions, though it's not my favourite

I also watched a thing set in Iceland (but I can't remember the name now) and that's LIKE Scandinavia. And a couple of the Arnaldur Indridason books.

Other books were a series written by Lars Keppler and another by Jussi Adler-Olsen. I did those as audiobooks and the narrators were all very good.

Anyone else got any good ones?

9th Sep 2016, 16:36
There are some turkeys among the good ones. One was set in the 50s where they were all driving around on the left on empty rural roads in left hand drive cars, (no city scenes for obvious reasons) - I can't remember its name.

I like Beck which is currently showing on Saturday nights on BBC - the main character is typically a miserable old sod, but each week there is some light relief from his eccentric neighbour.

Couldn't stand Branah as Wallander, more depressing than the most angst ridden Swede, nor did I like the Daniel Craig version of the Stig Larsson stories - these things are far better watched in the original versions, and in any case its amazing how much Swedish you can pick up eventually! I think I've read all the Wallander books, ok till Mankell started banging the drum about his liberal politics!

Lillyhammer (sic) was quite funny, with a New York mafia mobster hiding out in Lillehammer for some reason or other. That was half in Norwegian, half in English, as the central character could never learn to speak the lingo.

The Icelandic thing was called Trapped. One thing I thought strange in that was that when the policeman had to interview a Danish sea captain they spoke in English as neither understood the other's language - odd when you think Iceland was part of Denmark till '44. There's a good Icelandic film called Jar City where the star pops in to a hole in the wall takeaway on the way and gets half a sheep's head for his supper. An Icelandic friend of mine assures me that the takeway really exists and does sell sheep's head :eek:

Lest it be thought I spend my whole life watching TV crime dramas I have never seen one episode of The Wire, or Breaking Bad, even though at times I feel I am the only person in the Western world who can claim this!

9th Sep 2016, 17:34
I thought Arne Dahl was pretty good, especially with the delightful Natalie Minnevick featuring so strongly.

9th Sep 2016, 17:35
No. There are two.

tony draper
9th Sep 2016, 18:06
I have both Breaking Bad and The Wire Box Sets if you wish to borrow same Mr Tankertrashnav.:E
Also The Sopranos, The Shield,Justified,Deadwood,and Broadwalk Empire, pigging out on the best TV drama series is the new rock n roll.:rolleyes:

Pontius Navigator
9th Sep 2016, 20:25
Have you read the 4th volume in the Larson trilogy?

I thought it was true to type and very good.

I have the trilogy on DVD and will watch them when I next have a 5 hour flight.

Sue VÍtements
9th Sep 2016, 20:58
I didn't know there was a fourth. I thought he'd died climbing the stairs after writing only three.

Asimov's Foundation trilogy has what? six?4

9th Sep 2016, 21:02
Mr D - I understand from your posts on other threads, that you are a huge Western fan - a genre which I cant stand, with the exception of True Grit (The John Wayne version, of course). It would therefore seem that our tastes are irreconcilable, so I'll pass on your kind offer. Even though I've never seen any of them, I have a feeling they just wouldn't be my thing.

tony draper
9th Sep 2016, 21:07
Indeed irreconcilable, Mr T for it is my opinion that the new version of True Grit is far superior to Mr Wayne rendition,never been a great Wayne fan.

9th Sep 2016, 21:17
The French series 'Spiral' is outstanding. The female police team leader has a splendid method of rewarding meritorious service!

Pontius Navigator
9th Sep 2016, 22:27
Sue, like James Bond, I think either family or estate sourced an author that they thought could honour Larsen's memory. There were objections. I think he did a good job in understanding Blomquist and the girl. The first part, iirc, served as a transition picking up, reminding and then modelling the new tale.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Fourth Book Title and Cover Revealed - IGN (http://uk.ign.com/articles/2015/04/01/the-girl-with-the-dragon-tattoo-fourth-book-title-and-cover-revealed)

9th Sep 2016, 23:34

This one might change your mind.
The best western ever made. Best soundtrack for western ever composed.


10th Sep 2016, 00:01
"The Killing" (Denmark) was excellent, and featured DI Sarah Lund and her trademark sweaters, as was "Borgen" (also Denmark). "Borgen" was a saga of the ins and outs and manoevreing of coalition politics, featuring prime minister Birgitte Nyborg.

10th Sep 2016, 11:32
I remember watching Borgen, and some way into the second episode I was wondering when the murder was going to be committed. Hadn't realised it was all about politics, I thought all Scandi stuff was about crime! Gave it up at that stage - I'm totally uninterested in political dramas of any sort, let alone those about Danish politics!

Thanks Meadowrun - I've seen that one, as well as the rest of Leone's offerings. I'm afraid my back and my bum have an approximate 2 hour cutoff point these days, and that lets all of them out - even after the cuts they forced on him!