View Full Version : "Intruder" at Sydney Airport this evening on 34L

7th Sep 2016, 09:28
On our taxi out this evening around 1800, lots of fuss and vehicles and such, including bomb squad, around 34L A5 taxiway ish area...

Just a person? Or somehow vehicle? Out of the water??

Given the threats / call to arms from IS yesterday, 'twas a little concerning..

Any info from our esteemed colleagues in ATC at YSSY or the like would be of interest for this curious cat....

7th Sep 2016, 22:46
Wow, great... Thanks for your input guys... :D:ugh::rolleyes:

7th Sep 2016, 23:41
AFAIK a backpack was spotted on the edge of the taxiway, which meant no one could depart using the full length of 34L for about an hour while the AFP investigated. Possibly left there by someone who scaled the Seawall.. But not entirely sure on that.

Those who could take 34R got away, those who couldn't had to wait a little longer

8th Sep 2016, 00:11
Thanks WhisperSYD...

Unlike the trolls who assume I'm a pax... I do feel that a breach of security requiring the closure of a rwy at our countries busiest airport concerning... Especially in light of aforementioned threats, however desperate they may be..

Should what you say turn out the be true, it sounds like it could have been a dry run....

However another friend said they believed it to be a drone....

8th Sep 2016, 00:19
Quick search of news in past 24hrs finds this...


Although that speaks about drones spotted near the city and not anything particular around 34L

8th Sep 2016, 02:36
Twice in the last month the ATIS has mentioned a drone spotted near final approach out over the ocean.
What is someone doing flying a drone out over the ocean?

8th Sep 2016, 04:23
Wasn't a drone... Advise from someone involved was that a Dash8 sighted someone walking along the perimeter road, safety officer sent to investigate. Took a while to convince said individual to stop and get into a vehicle, but back pack was a "concern". AFP / Bomb Squad X-ray bag and after about 2 hours operations resumed as normal.

No info as to how they got there and their intentions...