View Full Version : Corbyn. The new National Socialist?

6th Sep 2016, 14:50
I had an interesting conversation down the pub at the weekend with an mate/ex colleague I occasionally meet for a drink.

He is somewhat left of centre in his politics, although he might be described as "soft left". Being open minded, when Corbyn recently visited this locality for a meeting he want along to hear him speak.

He told me he came away feeling very uncomfortable. He said the environment and experience made him think strongly of the early days of National Socialism and Hitler in Germany. Watching the crowd, there was the messianic figure on the podium, the transfixed acolytes hanging on every word of their glorious leader and around the periphery the equivalent of the Brownshirts watching for any signs of discontent or disagreement.

From someone who admitted having some sympathy for and attraction to Corbyn, his attitude has changed such that he now thinks he is a dangerous megalomaniac. He reckons what he was watching has an exact parallel in the televised speeches and rallies of Hitler in the '30s.

6th Sep 2016, 16:40
The similarities are terrifying, quite clearly there for all to compare. Momentum is a well led and propagandised gang of storm troopers. If Britain really does secede from the EU and Labour comes to power, there will be a time to become a refugee from that country.