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3rd Sep 2016, 06:57
Possibly coming to a crossing near you.....

Gay traffic lights leave pedestrians in Trafalgar Square confused | UK | News | Daily Express (http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/706789/Gay-traffic-lights-leave-pedestrians-confused-Trafalgar-Square)

3rd Sep 2016, 07:04
Quite apt for the place where all the traffic just seem to go in circles.

3rd Sep 2016, 07:37
Trafalgar Square.

Nelsons column.

Kiss me Hardy.

3rd Sep 2016, 08:00
And did anybody ask if Londoners were happy to pick up the cost of this meaningless display of solidarity?

3rd Sep 2016, 08:39
Is this for real??
Dear God, I am speechless.

3rd Sep 2016, 09:05
Yet another display of how left-wing authorities waste tax-payers money.

3rd Sep 2016, 10:27
Please tell me this an old April Fool story.

It has to be, hasn't it?

3rd Sep 2016, 10:51
What is this country really about? There are thousands in poverty and we waste money on this! It's so sad that it is NOT an April fool story.

Union Jack
3rd Sep 2016, 11:03
A golfing friend tells me he played at a course in Florida where they had rainbow coloured LGBT tees, apparently located between the ladies' and the men's tees.....:hmm:


Effluent Man
3rd Sep 2016, 11:15
It's odd because something intended to be pro gay ends up doing them a disservice by alienating lots of people who are not basically anti them or their lifestyle.

3rd Sep 2016, 12:06
What happens if there's an accident due to confusion (not sexuality) by the many thousands of pedestrians each day ? Knowing this crossing there are many tourists looking the wrong way, stressed motorists/cycle couriers etc rushing to their next job and with this wonderful idea, another layer of confusion is added to the mix...

3rd Sep 2016, 12:47
These signs are supposed to be there for safety and no other reason. Keep being safe simple. No money wasting agendas please.

3rd Sep 2016, 12:48
Never had any problems with LGBT community.
Interfering with safety critical road signs is not a good way to show support/solidarity. I'm dubious whether it's even legal.

Out Of Trim
3rd Sep 2016, 12:58

What a joke.. :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

3rd Sep 2016, 13:05
Mr Smith, of Preston, Lancashire, said: “When the light went green I saw the two female symbols and I thought, ‘Oh right, so my missus can cross with my little girl but what do me and the boy do?’

A clear case of over thinking something and not applying common sense.

3rd Sep 2016, 13:19
Well Toady, Common Sense would have left the lights in their original state, wouldn't it?

Were these lenses put on by the Local Auth or is this just another mindless gesture?

I do wonder what goes on in some people's minds when the FIRST thing they want to share with anyone is their sexual orientation. I believe most people really couldn't give a fig leaf so long as jobs are done professionally. Having something "rammed down one's throat" invariably gets a negative reaction, so why do it?

3rd Sep 2016, 13:38
the FIRST thing they want to share with anyone is their sexual orientation
Could be the motto for the LGBTLMgaypride thing.

3rd Sep 2016, 13:52
Seems to be more and more letters added as time goes by.The longest one I've seen is LGBTQIA.No doubt there'll be even more versions added in future

3rd Sep 2016, 13:56
It wouldn't 'ave 'appened if Boris was still Mayor!

3rd Sep 2016, 14:17
Are they considered gay because they are a pain in the arse to understand?

3rd Sep 2016, 14:33
Where have all the old style managers gone?

"Sir, we have come up with a new, modern pedestrian crossing indicator.
- Why?
To make things more friendly for everyone regardless of orientation.
- What does "orientation" have to do with crossing a road?
Well, we didn't really consider that.
- How much did this process cost so far?
Uhh, well, we haven't done a costing.
- Do you know how many pedestrians are killed crossing roads in London each year?
Uhh, no, not really.
- Do you think that the simpler the indicator is the safer it will be considering all the various nationalities that walk London's streets?
Well, yes, I suppose.
- Is the new indicator simpler and more straightforward for everyone?
Well, no, but it's more accepting.
- Right then, you're fired and the rest of the team on this is as well.
- Good day."

3rd Sep 2016, 14:36
Is this for real??
Dear God, I am speechless.
Could not agree more what a complete waste of people's time and money money.

3rd Sep 2016, 14:44
People's time and money are wasted all the time, on scales much, much, much greater than the cost of this small initiative. What is bizarre and saddening are your responses in this thread.

3rd Sep 2016, 14:50
But it is also detrimental to safety mbucholski. If you cannot understand them you may walk into traffic. Though that is assuming the walk sign hasn't been replaced with the word mince.

3rd Sep 2016, 15:01
For the real simple. Red means stop, green means go.

3rd Sep 2016, 15:02
People's time and money are wasted all the time, on scales much, much, much greater than the cost of this small initiative.

So that makes it OK, does it?

3rd Sep 2016, 15:13
I think that there are just people who are easily annoyed and live to complain. Anything out of the ordinary is enough to give them an apoplectic fit and leave them frothing at the mouth in righteous indignation :ok:

3rd Sep 2016, 15:41
The cost of changing the pedestrian lights would have paid for a few potholes being filled sooner, which would help safety.

3rd Sep 2016, 17:53
Did the gays ask for this or was it just done. I know it's to coincide with pride, but who asked for it?

Victor Inox
3rd Sep 2016, 17:59
You just never know. Perhaps this is done in anticipation of the new mayor Sadiq Khan coming out.

4th Sep 2016, 04:42
why the pictures, anyway, wot's wrong with plain red and green ?

If you're going for pictures, where are the pictures for "straight" people to cross, and what about bicycles ? More bikes cross at pedestrian crossings than pedestrians.

4th Sep 2016, 05:21
Do these traffic lights call out in a high-pitched voice, "Look at me!" - "Look at me!" - "Look at me!!" :)

Or do they just call out, "Don't tell me, I can't be different to other traffic lights!!" :)

4th Sep 2016, 08:40
I can see tattooed heterosexuals being confused as to whether or not they're allowed to use the crossing. This thing hasn't been thought through.

I avoid London like the plague. Awful place. An assault on all of the senses.

Mr Optimistic
4th Sep 2016, 09:04
You can't manage people like we used to, you know in those days when productivity was rising. Rubbish someone's stupid idea these days and a queue forms outside HR asking for ethics complaint forms. The education system churns out articulate idiots who know sweet fa but regard themselves as talented and special. Not that it's Sunday morning and I have a hangover or anything....

4th Sep 2016, 10:08
Do those "special" traffic lights comply with the road traffic sign regulations? Probably not, but it is London so it has to be different.

B Fraser
4th Sep 2016, 10:51
Are pedestrians only allowed to cross when the green man is flashing ?

4th Sep 2016, 11:15
There is a subliminal message in those lights.
By crossing the road when they are lit you are acknowledging that the lights are valid whether you like it or not.

So is this the gay propaganda that Putin was referring to?

4th Sep 2016, 11:30
There's an animation they could have used. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL3nXxpC1cc

4th Sep 2016, 11:34
The LGBTI folks will not like this, smacks of discrimination.....

4th Sep 2016, 11:42
These blokes have a better idea. Entertainment while you wait, helps lower the frustration level. :)


4th Sep 2016, 14:13
Who's the 'permanently outraged' again?


4th Sep 2016, 14:37
Of course, for those unfortunates who are colour blind red/green, it really is dangerous - but I don't suppose THL's 'safety audit' considered that

4th Sep 2016, 14:49
How do the symbols (one red, one green) make any difference to people with red/green colour blindness? Surely those unfortunates are just as likely to be confused no matter what the symbols are?

As has been already iterated, red means stop, green means go. If that is too confusing for you, you should probably not walk in known traffic areas :ugh:

4th Sep 2016, 14:58
Rather better is the US 'Walk' sign. Or the Geneva buzzer for when it's safe to walk in addition to lights.

4th Sep 2016, 15:24
Our pedestrian indicators are straightforward types. V.hard to be confused.
An audible bird cheep is added for the blind.
One chirp in sequence for East to West and v.v.
Two chirps for North to South and v.v.
Chirps shut down at 2200 for no disturbances to sleep in neighbourhood.
Kinda well thought out.

4th Sep 2016, 18:00
I wasn't aware that disregarding a pedestrian crossing sign was an offence in the UK - is it? I'm thinking of pedestrians ignoring them, not drivers!

pax britanica
4th Sep 2016, 21:54
A silly publicity stunt yes but why is it alwaysa walking man signal-why not a walking woman.
And why are they walking shouldnt some of the figures be in wheel chairs
Why are they red and green -they were originally white but why were there no black ones.
Traffic crossing signals often seem to court controversy-in Berlin the walking man was bareheaded in the west but in the move conservative east he sported a trilby hat. When the wall came down (a wall that divided east from west but frequently doesnt run according to that delineation ) it was easy to tell from the lights whether you were in the dull boring but shiny west or the trendy cool scruffy east.
As the east is much cooler than the west people started using the man with a hat on T shirts and souvenirs and so eventually the jealous former west started replacing their bare headed men with trilby wearers so they too could be cool.
Coming back to London we could develop a whole code with Bi sexual people represented with road signals that were half red and half green and Transgenders with ones where red and green stay on at the same time and all to show are culturally aware we are.

Mr Optimistic
4th Sep 2016, 22:01
BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | What every Brit should know about jaywalking (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/6251431.stm)

5th Sep 2016, 02:30
Personally, I reckon these pedestrian crossing lights are the best ones I've encountered in my travels. :)


5th Sep 2016, 04:02
Well these things in NZ must have been even more confusing ...