View Full Version : Does anyone else think this guy should be awarded the George Medal posthumously

31st Aug 2016, 23:08

Mr Jackson suffered 20 horrific stab wounds to his face, head and torso while trying to save the life of Mia Ayliffe-Chung, another traveller staying at the backpackers hotel.

Ms Ayliffe-Chung was allegedly dragged from her bed onto the balcony last Tuesday night, where she was allegedly stabbed repeatedly by a French national staying in the same room as her.

I for one cannot think of a more selfless act of heroism than to withstand an onslaught such as he endured in attempting to save her life.

That is an award that should be made, not some award for running a race or working in the PM's office.

31st Aug 2016, 23:19
Yes, indeed - it was my first thought when I heard of his death (and the extent of his injuries).

1st Sep 2016, 03:26
I can only concur, the very same thought crossed my mind.

1st Sep 2016, 10:09
Without a Doubt, he showed immense courage with what seemed no thought of his own self, to assist and try to stop a young lady from this dreadful attack, therefore in my opinion he is up amongst the very top % of the people who receive such awards as the George Medal... I hope this sort of information gets to the UK Government... for the sake of his parents and brothers..

RIP Brave Soul

1st Sep 2016, 10:17

1st Sep 2016, 14:29
As someone that actually witnessed a George Medal being earned, and I was one of those shouting out, 'Paddy get out, its collapsing', I can only add my recommendation for this award to be made.

1st Sep 2016, 15:36
And still the Worshipful Company of Dressers Tossers and Diners insists on giving that Tracey woman a medal for her solo flying achievements?

Something is wrong with the awards system in the UK.

Yes, of course Jackson GM should be recognised for what he did.

1st Sep 2016, 15:51
Something is wrong with the awards system in the UK.

You only just worked that out......?!!!!

1st Sep 2016, 16:02
No. The non-award of the VC to Sgt Labalaba for his heroic save at Mirbat taught me that.

1st Sep 2016, 16:33
The word " Hero " Is used far too loosely by the media

In my book a hero is someone who allows their own wellbeing to be threatened in an act to save another or others wellbeing

In this case he was very much a Hero. There should be awards for people who do such acts for others

1st Sep 2016, 16:47
Cazalet and others - I think there is a certain amount of comparing apples and pears going on here. I think most people, the general public included, are well aware of the difference between our much abused system of honours such as the various grades of the Order of the British Empire etc, and what might be called real medals, such as the VC, GC, GM etc which are rightly awarded much more rarely than the "other type". The award of an MBE to Samantha Cameron's hairdresser in no way detracts from somebody else's gallantry award.

Certainly in this case a George Medal would be well deserved.