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747 jock
31st Aug 2016, 16:54
Apologies if this isn't really the right place to ask this but I wasn't too sure which would be the correct forum.

Someone recently told me that when they were passing through Stansted airport, they noticed that there were security staff freely moving from airside to landside and back again without passing through any of the metal detectors, instead of which they were simply walking around the side of them.

Is there any specific legislation that states who is required to be checked when moving landside to airside or is down to the individual airport operators to decide how and when these checks are carried out?

31st Aug 2016, 17:16
One for the experts but until one comes along I'd say what is described sounds a bit strange for the UK...I Don't know Stansted but I don't think I have seen anywhere in the UK recently where it is physically possible to bypass the arches. Any chance the floor plan was such these screeners were always airside within their own "pen", so to speak?

Anyhow as I understand it for the UK the screening rules are national and they set by "Transec", which is a part of the Department for Transport (DfT). Individual airport security managers can demand more stringent checks at their airport, but they can't reduce the screening below the national level demanded by Transec..

Pontius Navigator
31st Aug 2016, 19:21
Certainly possible at Gatwick about 8 years ago. Our luggage was damaged on the scanner. I was directed to a security desk on a different level where I had to complain to a harassed supervisor. He was landslide. I then returned Airdrie by the same route.