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30th Aug 2016, 22:10
Hiya all,

I've not noticed any posts from Henry for a while.


hope he is OK,

I always enjoyed reading posts about his inventions, he seemed to be a pretty bright chap who enjoyed life and having a laugh.

Any news ?

And best wishes Sir if you read this :-)


30th Aug 2016, 22:16
He exists, but in another place ;)

23rd Oct 2017, 02:18
Hi coldair,
This is henry cruns' son, sorry for the delay in concluding your original post, my father pasted away on 21-MAR-2012.
In the final month we could see the end was rapidly approaching and I got him to leave me with an mp3 recording of him going through his log books. If you have any children I am sure they would love to have an mp3 recording to remember you by.

Pom Pax
23rd Oct 2017, 12:21

coldair I think you have your wires crossed the person you are referring to stole henry's identity after his sad passing by registering under the same user name but with the underscore joining the two words. I am pleased to say all his posts appeared to have been deleted and he is no longer registered under that name.

nzhills I only knew your father by sight at Thorney Island but became friends on this forum and he helped me with research about my cousin who was lost on 75 (NZ) Sqd.

24th Oct 2017, 13:07
I was wondering similar about Mr. Tony Draper whose posts I've always enjoyed. I don't look in often but haven't noticed anything from him in a while.

24th Oct 2017, 13:10
Tony is alive and reasonably well after an unscheduled hospital stay.
We are all waiting for the details . . .

24th Oct 2017, 13:28
Thank you, Mr. G, I'm glad to hear he's still with us.

24th Oct 2017, 17:43
This has probably been answered elsewhere but what happened to Yung Fat Wuns number one fan -John Hill?

Arthur Bellcrank
24th Oct 2017, 19:59
He exists, but in another place ;)

24th Oct 2017, 20:05
This has probably been answered elsewhere but what happened to Yung Fat Wuns number one fan -John Hill?

I was concerned about how quiet John Hill had been too and contacted him in early September. He is alive and well and at the time asked me to pass on all his good wishes, especially to those on B****r, I've got cancer thread.

24th Oct 2017, 21:06
Has anyone heard of my old pal Wun Win Low and his wingman Mustava Spin ?
Amazing combination those two

Did they ever achieve a PPL?

i Know Wun Win Low was regulary seen running down a field flapping his arms and Mustava Spin never got that high to do it

24th Oct 2017, 21:12
Has anyone heard of my old pal Wun Win Low and his wingman Mustava Spin ?


25th Oct 2017, 04:24
Bring back John Hill...

25th Oct 2017, 18:14
Where is Slasher :E

25th Oct 2017, 21:17
Mad Jock ?

25th Oct 2017, 21:31
Flying Lawyer/Heliport?

25th Oct 2017, 21:32
Yes what happened to Mad Jock used to enjoy his posts! seems a long time ago

25th Oct 2017, 23:14
Where is Slasher :E

SLASHER can be found elsewhere. ;)

26th Oct 2017, 02:02
SLASHER can be found elsewhere. ;)
As can John Hill

Arthur Bellcrank
26th Oct 2017, 07:44
together with BOAC

26th Oct 2017, 11:20
Who was the funny Canadian ATC'er - Jericho? seems to be gone a while.

26th Oct 2017, 12:34
Oh no...think he was a Brisbane boy who married a Canadian....maybe his brother was also an ATCO...Plazbot??

23rd Dec 2018, 08:22
Hi Pom Pax, I was looking through Pprune for a reference to a Meteor F8 crash at Conningsby that my Dad, henry crun, witnessed and I saw your reply. Were you vaguely aware of my Dad when he was at Throney Island? I think he was with 2 ANS at the time. Regards Mark

Effluent Man
23rd Dec 2018, 08:38
Another absentee Seldomfitforpurpose. He disappeared without trace just before Christmas last year. We had opposing views on pretty much everything but enjoyed sparring. I can only assume that he pegged it. I did PM him but no response.

23rd Dec 2018, 13:57
And Molemot? He wasn’t too well - hope things are ok?

What about Direct Bondi? He was always contentious and had plenty to say about Norwegian Air. Where has he gone?

23rd Dec 2018, 14:05
Hangarshuffle disappeared 3 months ago...

23rd Dec 2018, 18:38
Where is Slasher

Banned here, joined another site.