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Krystal n chips
30th Aug 2016, 07:16
No doubt the usual sentiments towards the Beeb will duly emerge, and I am a supporter of the broadcaster, but sometimes they manage to go from one extreme to the other....in equal measure.

The current "creative " offerings, no doubt fermented in an Islington wine bar, are to rehash some of their best comedy shows from days gone by.....blissfully ignoring the fact that the format doesn't work.

The shows and actors / characters are firmly established in the eyes and minds of the viewers and that's what makes the comedy so endearing....trying to make such more contemporary is never a good idea therefore....as the film "Dad's Army" kindly demonstrated.

However, all is not lost.

Following the success of their "slow" documentaries, starting with the one about a canal journey, hands up those who watched the latest offering last night ?.......about a gentle meander across the Yorkshire Dales.....by public transport aka....a bus ( which many on here would probably never dream of using, but some of us do )

BBC iPlayer - All Aboard! The Country Bus (http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b07r2s1r/all-aboard-the-country-bus)

Superb to put is mildly....tranquil viewing, and all without some "celeb" yapping a voice over to tell us the bleeding obvious.....just informative captions to supplement the journey speaking for itself.

The unsung hero of this piece has to be the driver however....:ok:..those roads, at best, aren't exactly conducive to anything bigger than a tractor so he, and no doubt all the others who drive the route deserves a mention here.

30th Aug 2016, 07:51
The two "rehashed" comedy shows the other night were. IMO, brilliant.

I am not a supporter of the Beeb, despite having worked for them for a few years in a different century, but these two, and Fleabag, have had me in stitches.

tony draper
30th Aug 2016, 07:55
Agree 100% re the Bus thing,only criticism, they should have done it in 4k UHD. :)

Effluent Man
30th Aug 2016, 08:02
I watched Porridge with some trepidation. Bearing in mind the Dad's Army rehash I expected to be disappointed. I wasn't, if anything it was even better than the original. Excellent casting and some nice touches of reference to the original series, Fletcher's cell mate was a particular good choice for the part.

30th Aug 2016, 09:15
Yes, really enjoyed the bus journey.
A wonderful way to wind down before bed. :ok:

B Fraser
30th Aug 2016, 09:25
Are You Being Served was wonderfully un-PC. Three cheers for the return of Mrs Slocombe's pussy. I just hope it never makes an appearance.

30th Aug 2016, 10:13
I hope they repeat the Country Bus one, it sounds excellent. I can't see it on iPlayer, being outside the UK. I grew up reading James Herriot, and until I get to take a trip like this in person, the TV will have to do. I bet it was recorded in 4K UHD, just not broadcast in that format yet.

30th Aug 2016, 13:03
I watched Porridge with some trepidation. Bearing in mind the Dad's Army rehash I expected to be disappointed. I wasn't, if anything it was even better than the original.

No way was it better. Very difficult to live up to the original, particularly Ronnie Barker's brilliant performance as Fletch. Having said that, it wasn't nearly as bad as it might have been, not least I would imagine due to the presence of the original scriptwriters. Sadly, it looked a bit low budget - I don't know where they shot the original, but it definitely had the look and feel of a genuine prison whereas the remake appeared to be a studio set. I only caught the last few minutes of Are You Being Served; I was never a big fan of the original series so didn't feel inclined to watch, but I was quite impressed with the actresses playing Mrs Slocombe and Miss Brahms who seemed to have inhabited the roles effortlessly.

On the whole, I'm not in favour of these sorts of reboots, which strike me as creatively unimaginative, although I am curious about the forthcoming remake of Steptoe & Son which is apparently based on an original but previously unused script.

Saw about 10 minutes of The Northern Dalesman and thought it was rather lovely. This is the sort of original thinking I would expect from the BBC, although one hopes they don't flog the format to death.

30th Aug 2016, 13:08
I don't know where they shot the original, but it definitely had the look and feel of a genuine prison whereas the remake appeared to be a studio set.
The interior shots for the 1979 film were shot entirely at Chelmsford Prison, Essex (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HM_Prison_Chelmsford).
The prison exterior in the title sequence is the old St Albans prison gatehouse and Maidstone Prison, which was also featured in the BBC comedy series Birds of a Feather. The interior shots of doors being locked were filmed in Shepherds Bush Police Station.

30th Aug 2016, 13:10
The original Porridge was filmed at Chelmsford nick I think

30th Aug 2016, 13:43
I thought it was only the exteriors that were filmed at Chelmsford, but happy to stand corrected. It sort of proves my point though - the original Porridge benefited from that touch of authenticity.

Martin the Martian
30th Aug 2016, 13:54
Like most BBC television of the time you could tell with Porridge which parts were filmed on location and which were in the studio. Studio work was recorded on video tape while location work used film cameras. The film work always looked good while the studio interiors were overlit and never looked authentic.

With regard to this weekend's offerings, I rather liked them as well.

30th Aug 2016, 17:28
At least one if the exterior sequences proporting to be Slade prison was shot at an old mental institution near Watford if memory serves. It was the sequence where Fletch has to persuade a prisoner to come down off of the roof.

30th Aug 2016, 17:56
From Wiki:- In the episode "Pardon Me" Fletcher speaks to Blanco (David Jason) in the prison gardens: this was filmed in the grounds of an old brewery outside Baldock on the A505 to Royston. The barred windows approximated a prison. The building has since been demolished.
In the episode "No Way Out", Fletcher tries to get MacKay to fall into a tunnel in a tarmac area, these outside shots were filmed at Hanwell Asylum in West London, the barred windows in this case, being those of the hospital pharmacy.

Sue VÍtements
31st Aug 2016, 01:51
"Your wife's only been unfaithful once"

"oh yeah?"

"Yes, with the Household Cavalry"

31st Aug 2016, 11:44
Having been at Catterick for a couple of years I remember Swaledale well, so that Country Bus thing was doubly enjoyable for me.

One thing. Isn't it about time that bus drivers joined the rest of us and started wearing seatbelts? The law says that bus drivers must wear seatbelts if they are fitted which seems a half-assed way of going about things - why aren't they fitted to all buses?

Random SLF
31st Aug 2016, 16:10
The prison in the Porridge remake was called Wakely, and the exterior shots looked like Wakefield to me (I used to commute past it every day) but I'd be surprised if the interior scenes were filmed there, it's a maximum security prison.

2nd Sep 2016, 13:51
'Til Death Do Us Part' re-make last night was absolutely dire. God knows how they managed to find enough canned laughter. 3 minutes of my life that I'll never get back