View Full Version : Hoe hoe hoe

28th Aug 2016, 09:55

Btw the real Red7 has had an incident collapsing the gear.

28th Aug 2016, 11:11
Those strafing (ahem) missions sure were dangerous...

Sue VÍtements
28th Aug 2016, 14:39
Did anyone notice? She runs like a girl!

what actually was that all about anyway?

Pontius Navigator
28th Aug 2016, 19:55
She couldn't never have brought it down with that hoe.

The prop would have knocked her head off on the first pass.

28th Aug 2016, 20:11
""..couldn't never.."? Anyway, according to conversations clandestinely gleaned from captured German pilots, they routinely shot horses and other livestock belonging to Polish farmers just for fun and target practice. Such is the spirit of the sportsman hunter... "It is fun to kill"..