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Sue Vêtements
27th Aug 2016, 20:46
I never really understood this, but then again I don't have any (human) children. I heard a story on the radio today where some woman decided to leave the convent and her parents said they didn't ever want to see her again.

I can't really think of anything a child of mind could do that would make me want to disown them. I might want them to turn themselves in, or suffer the consequences of whatever they'd done, but I couldn't imagine just pretending they had never existed. After all if I don't stand by them who will?

27th Aug 2016, 21:43
Your first paragraph probably covered it. People can get really funny about religion.

Gertrude the Wombat
27th Aug 2016, 22:30
I've come across otherwise apparently sane people who wouldn't attend their child's wedding because their child wasn't marrying someone of the right religion. There are some really nasty people out there.

27th Aug 2016, 23:45
I've come across otherwise apparently sane people who wouldn't attend their child's wedding because their child wasn't marrying someone of the right religion. There are some really nasty people out there.Friend and her fiancé had this situation many years ago. Her response was that she should get pregnant and see how quickly both sets of parents got into church.
She and her husband have now been married for about 45 years, and still going strong, with a hearty disrespect for religion of all sorts.

Clare Prop
28th Aug 2016, 02:54
Plenty of religions where if people leave/ marry outside the religion they are "shunned" and in some cases mourned as if dead. I know people who have got away from these communities but their children have refused to go with them. That sort of religious control over people sickens me.

It can work both ways, a lot of children reject their parents too.

28th Aug 2016, 10:51
My brother who is in his 80s is still bitter about about the fact that we were all brought up as Catholics, which my C of E mother agreed to when she married my RC father. In his case he feels he was denied a good education by having to attend a number of inferior Catholic schools.

Paradoxically I had the reverse experience, the Jesuit prep school I attended gave me the very best education I could imagine.

28th Aug 2016, 12:15
Gerty, I am friends with the person who told me this of his father...

Baptist or Methodist preacher threw his daughter out and disowned her because she planned to marry outside the faith. Soon after, he gave a home to a homeless prostitute (no, not for benefits), 'because it was his Christian duty'. He allegedly never spoke to the daughter again, and never acknowledged his grandchildren. Go figure eh?


Espada III
28th Aug 2016, 13:47
It is very much frowned upon in orthodox Judaism to 'marry out'. Indeed the father of a friend did mourn for his daughter when she married a non-jew. However this practice is very rare and becoming rarer. It is still a disappointment and my wife and I would be very upset if any of our children were to marry outside the faith. It would feel that we have failed them. The reason is that so much of daily life interacts with the religion, that setting up home with a non-jew will automatically create a less involved life. It is hard to explain on a forum.

That being said, one does hope that the upbringing they have had ensures they marry someone with generally similar morals and I know of other families with a non Jewish child-in-law who could not possibly have a better person in that position. Respectful, honest, educated, good career and understanding of the social mores that surround living in a small ethnic minority community.

I do despair of the Christian believers who are very careful to show how closely they follow the very few rules of the religion but then throw the baby out with the bathwater. I have a Methodist organisation as clients and they are insistant about no tenants selling alcohol on a Sunday, but ignore the need to comply with Charity Law about obtaining best value for money.

Loose rivets
28th Aug 2016, 23:13
Two of my grandchildren are genetically half Jewish. By tradition, the faith and indeed race, are passed down the female line but, such is the way of things that there are two beautiful blond kids in a wonderful family network. It leaves me feeling confident of the security a huge family brings when I'm away, or indeed, when I pop off.

29th Aug 2016, 17:52
.....a chap of my acquaintance whose wife died several years ago now has a partner who was a friend of his wife.
His daughter will not speak to him, and one Christmas after he'd travelled a long way to be there, still wouldn't speak to him.
Very sad, and remarkable stupidity on the part of the daughter as she is depriving her children of the contact with Grandad.
Will they thank her down the line as they realise what she has done?

The Ancient Mariner

Effluent Man
29th Aug 2016, 18:05
My son shares my religion of Atheist Fundamentalist. I would however consider that the state of his bedroom is a throwing out offence!

Espada III
29th Aug 2016, 21:30
Think that goes for everyone of every religion. "What do you think this is...a Hotel???"

29th Aug 2016, 23:01
If he ever decided to support Liverpool instead of Man Utd........................... out the door that would be my plan, SWMBO would prob have other views.

Pontius Navigator
30th Aug 2016, 15:21
I never saw my father again after his 2nd wife was vile my family.

A friend has a new sort of partner who hasn't got a daughter. Rather she has but she has blanked her from her memory.