View Full Version : Bolivian Miners Kill Government Minister

26th Aug 2016, 06:35
Hard rules in Bolivia. Can't help but feel this will compromise their negotiating position......

Striking Bolivian miners 'kill deputy minister' - BT (http://home.bt.com/news/world-news/striking-bolivian-miners-kill-deputy-minister-11364082217495)

"Striking miners in Bolivia have kidnapped and beaten to death the country's deputy interior minister after he travelled to the area to mediate in the bitter conflict, government colleagues have said.

Interior minister Carlos Romero called it a "cowardly and brutal killing" and asked that the miners turn over the body of his deputy, Rodolfo Illanes, who holds the formal title of vice minister of the interior regime. Mr Illanes was "savagely beaten" to death by the striking miners, defence minister Reymi Ferreira told Red Uno television, his voice breaking.

Earlier, Mr Romero had said that Mr Illanes had been kidnapped and possibly tortured, but that he could not confirm local media reports that he had been killed by the striking miners, who are demanding more rights, including the freedom to associate with private companies.........,

26th Aug 2016, 07:03
Ah yes, striking miners killing people. Just like Scargills thugs did when they killed taxi driver David Wilkie during the 1984 strike.

26th Aug 2016, 15:58
Called voting with ya fists..!:=

Effluent Man
26th Aug 2016, 16:15
Siti, It took two to tango.

26th Aug 2016, 17:35
Siti, It took two to tango.

You are of course correct. It took two of Scargills thugs to lift and drop the 46lb concrete block onto the drivers car, killing him.

Ancient Observer
26th Aug 2016, 17:40
My father had to drive to work along the Heads of the Valleys road during the miners' strike. Dropping stones and rocks on to cars from above was a common sport by folk who thought they were supporting Scargill by doing so.
Whether or not they were actually miners was impossible to tell.