View Full Version : I got my Barbour back today

Sue VÍtements
23rd Aug 2016, 00:53
I'd sent it off for a rewaxing, only $35 plus $15 shipping. It arrived in a box (obviously), but also in a garment bag. It makes the valet's job so much easier to not have to worry about keeping the wax off his hands.

Anyway the point is that I'd heartily recommend this route over the do-it-yourself method that involves, buying the wax, the candle and the sponge thingy, finding a vaguely crumbling outhouse somewhere on the estate and then spending several days pouring over and practically ruining the thing.

23rd Aug 2016, 01:10
A heat gun....Tub of the Wax....a lint free cloth....and Bob's yer Uncle!

Do mine each Year before Elk Season, along with the Hat and Leather Boots.

Tis an Estate on hard times here at Chez Sasless!

But I am keeping up appearances nonetheless!

23rd Aug 2016, 14:16
But I am keeping up appearances nonetheless!

I am sure the Elk appreciate it. Not having any of that scruffy lot shooting at them. :=

Serious question though. Do you shoot for the trophy or the meat? This is not meant to be judgemental on my part but so many in Australia seem to be shooting for the trophy which seems to be such a waste.

23rd Aug 2016, 14:36
Get mine done every couple of years or so - send it off to Barbour somewhere in Geordie-land. This year, in addition to the re-waxing, had to have some repairs done (torn lining, new collar and some holes sorted) so the bill came to £112. Couple of years at this rate I'll be better off getting a new one!

I think a new Northumbria costs about £250; mine is about eleven years old and worn every day between October and May for dog-walking so I'm getting good value from it.

23rd Aug 2016, 14:42
Meat.....organically grown with no anti-biotic....and very lean.

If my Hunting buddies knew how many Elk I had not shot....it would be my carcass hung up on the meat pole!

I use the Hunt as an excuse to get out into the Forest and do lots of walking and sightseeing.

If a very huge and aggressive Bull Elk...within Yards of the Road and the Pickup Truck was to attack me....he would be at risk. Otherwise, I just enjoy seeing them anymore.

When I lived there and had a large Freezer at home....I tried to keep it stocked with Elk and Venison.

Beef Steak would have been far cheaper because at last Accounting I think we figured the Elk was costing about Ten Thousand Dollars per pound if One included the cost of the Pickup, RV Trailer, Portable Generator, Guns, Ammo, Licenses, Groceries, Whisky, and associated gear.

If it was not worth that it would not be worth going after!

Rest assured....the Herd is not going to be wiped out as there is a lot of land and the Elk are very smart at hiding when the Season opens.

Last Year we saw Fifty-Eight of them at the edge of Town....chased them all around the Woods that day....and not one of them got touched.

23rd Aug 2016, 16:13
Anyone know where (preferably in North America) that I can get a Belstaff re-done?


23rd Aug 2016, 20:52
It's easy enough to rewax one; buy a tin of wax, put it in a pan of hot water to melt the wax (a bain marie in french) and treat the jacket with liquid wax using a cloth, brush or sponge. Afterwards I usually hang it in the sun (it gets hot here) and the wax melts and spreads more evenly over the cloth, I then slap a bit more wax on the bare patches - take it out of the sun and hang it up, job done! That said, my current one is not going to be revived very much more by this so I'll probably have to cough up for a new one before long

Windy Militant
23rd Aug 2016, 23:49
If you can tell the inside from the outside and it don't stand up on it's own it ain't a proper Belstaff/Barbour jacket.
The Belstaff Trial Master had the best pockets, I think they were designed by someone from Gallifrey!

24th Aug 2016, 04:48
I sent mine off to Barbour (UK) a few years back for a refurb & wax, not even a rip in it. The buggers sent it back saying it was beyond repair. Bar5tuards.

Clare Prop
24th Aug 2016, 06:16
Back when I was farming in England I loved my old Barbour and it went well with the AGA which was an important part of the re-waxing process.
Now I have a Drizabone which is a right pain to re wax :(

24th Aug 2016, 10:48
Microwave the wax, spread on with a cloth, go over with a heat gun or hair dryer and Robert is the brother of one of your parents.

My daughter still has one of mine that I bought in 1984 :ooh:

24th Aug 2016, 11:02
Horrible, smelly garments. You want to know where the old wax goes? It rubs off onto car seats, contaminating other clothes you wear while driving.

24th Aug 2016, 16:59
why would you wear your coat in the car?

My motors all have heaters, aircon and heated seats and are able to maintain a perfectly comfortable environment for driving at any time of year. The heated seats are more effective if you wear fewer layers of clothing.

Of course, if it is raining when want to get into your car you need to get your gentlemen's gentleman to hold your umbrella over you while you slip out of your coat and into the rear seat.

Warning! Aviation content......

Of course, the situation doesn't arise when getting into my aircraft as, being a high wing type, the wing affords the necessary shelter during boarding.

Ancient Observer
25th Aug 2016, 17:32
Gave mine to the local charity shop. It was only 40 years old, so was as good as new. I had become rather proficient at waxing the thing.

I gave it up as it was too heavy and cumbersome My replacement North face thing is very light, very tough, and keeps me warm and dry.

Abraham Zapruder
25th Aug 2016, 17:53
Sent my 1985-purchased Northumberland jacket off to Barbour for a re-wax earlier this year and it came back as-new!

Superb service.

sled dog
28th Aug 2016, 11:54
had a Belstaff Trial Master in my early motorcycling days. good garment.
Ref Elk : on a visit to friends in northern Spain got invited to their friends for lunch. host went back to Norway every year to Elk hunt. Meat cooked for 16 hrs over rotating bbq. Result ? worst meat I have ever tasted, forced down to not insult host. His lovely Elk Hound enjoyed it though...