View Full Version : I knew I should have bought a few shares of SqueezyJet

20th Aug 2016, 10:07
In the press:

(ShareCast News) - Market chatter surfaced on Friday morning, referencing a newspaper report, regarding a possible bid for easyJet.
The Guardian cited talk among traders of a possible 16bn a share offer for the airline, perhaps from a private equity outfit, from Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou himself or a New York firm.

Of course ownership and control rules will have no effect on 'a New York firm', whoever that might be.

20th Aug 2016, 10:19
Happily I have many shares in samelegroomasbritishairwaysJet. Time to cash them in!

20th Aug 2016, 10:22
I've always thought squuezy was akin to a hug or a cuddle, or 16 billion a share. No disparaging remarks intended.

20th Aug 2016, 10:29
Oh I see. Yes, easyJet are warm and cuddly. Of course! How silly of me to jump to the conclusion that you are using a an old nickname which I thought died along with the News of the World.

20th Aug 2016, 22:46
Why does the name Carl Icahn keep coming into my brain when I see a Private equity fund involved...........................

20th Aug 2016, 23:34
Isn't Wizz Air which was modelled on Easyjet also American owned with our Brexit vote causing EasyJet problems could it be an amalgamation plan of the two ?

21st Aug 2016, 08:00
Wizzair's ownership appears to be quite diversified. Shareholders Major WIZZ Wizz Air Holdings PLC including Fund and Institutional (http://investors.morningstar.com/ownership/shareholders-major.html?t=WIZZ&region=gbr&culture=en-US&ownerCountry=USA)

No single owner has more than 5%. Difficulty to discern nationality of owners but EU rules require 50% (+1 share) ownership by EU nationals.