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19th Aug 2016, 10:14
Does anyone know how you can tell an authentic Patek Phillipe watch from a fake, I bought the watch shown in the you tube slide show (sorry, didn't know how to upload photos here) in a charity shop for £5 because I liked the look of it, didn't realise real ones sell for lots of money, I very much doubt mine is real but you never know......... The serial No. on the back is 01858.


Thanks for any help


19th Aug 2016, 10:38
Is it here?

The Patek Philippe Museum (http://www.patekmuseum.com)

Metro man
19th Aug 2016, 10:39
Take it to a dealer and get it authenticated, which will cost you. Alternatively go to a pawn shop and ask them how much they will lend you against it, they will soon tell you if it's real or not.

19th Aug 2016, 11:06
they will soon tell you if it's real or not.

Oh no they won't!

They'll tell you it's not real. If it is real they won't tell you. Affects the price, you see.

19th Aug 2016, 11:25
I was going to ask a dealer but apparently they will confiscate fakes (not sure if that is legal or not)

19th Aug 2016, 11:47
I had a look at your Phot's.

Definitely a fake.

I happen to collect "Replica" watches.

I'll give you £10 for it.

Martin the Martian
19th Aug 2016, 11:54
Ah, Patek Phillipe.

'You never actually own a Patek Phillipe. You look after it for the next generation.':yuk:

An expensive watch shop has opened near me; I like the Junkers watches, who use the Ju 52's corrugated skin as an inspiration in their designs (sorry to bring winged things to JB).

19th Aug 2016, 12:43
Wiggly, don't know if the link below is genuine but it appears to refer to the serial number you mentioned, date appears to be 2006:

TimeZone : Patek Philippe Archive » Patek Philippe NO. 01858 (http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=msg&th=749576&rid=0)

19th Aug 2016, 17:34
Definitely fake.

Date indicators do not need chronograph buttons...

Loose rivets
19th Aug 2016, 22:26
This may look clever but I knocked this copy up in me spare time.

Hands-On With The Zenith Christophe Colomb Hurricane, Equipped With A Gyroscopic Escapement, Chain And Fusée (With Photos And Price) | Watches By SJX (http://watchesbysjx.com/2013/08/hands-on-with-the-zenith-christophe-colomb-hurricane-equipped-with-a-gyroscopic-escapement-chain-and-fusee-with-photos-and-price.html)

20th Aug 2016, 00:30
The fake that I would love to buy would be a perfect replica of Harrison's H4.

Here's an image of what a small part of it might look like while under construction:


20th Aug 2016, 06:23
Hey thats just like mi Grandad's old time piece...;)

20th Aug 2016, 10:05
That Zenith is a serious piece of gypsy wedding tat. Why have a massive case for what is effectively a small ladies watch face?

I'll stick to my impressively accurate, light weight bombproof Casio F91 thank you

2nd Sep 2016, 12:08
As an auctioneer and watch specialist, this is definitely a fake. No need for chronograph pushers on a non chronograph calendar watch. Also the strap is the same type used on many of the Chinese fakes. Sorry, a Patek for a fiver is the stuff of dreams!