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16th Aug 2016, 20:25
Good evening PPRuners

I'm sure that somebody out there will know the answer to a (UK relevant) question as I cannot possibly be the first in this position. I've Googled with no success.

My father passed away a couple of weeks ago and I have been busy sorting his affairs out for my mother (his aged widow). All has gone smoothly except that he was suggesting to my wife a month ago that he had several ISAs which was his rainy day money that my mother didn't know much (if anything!) about.

Of course before we could find out more to make sure all the paperwork was accounted for in the will (my mother is sole beneficiary) he left us.

We have not found any paperwork relating to any ISAs - we do know that they are not (if they exist!) held with his current bank.

It may have been his idea of humour to set a hare running (!) but fairly obviously I need to find them for tax and DSS purposes as well as letting my mother benefit from them.

Any ideas please of how I may find out which ISAs may be in his name and how to find out where they are?

Your knowledge most welcome. Thank you.


Allan Lupton
17th Aug 2016, 10:08
I can't help, but perhaps someone at the current bank you refer to might know.
I will say that it's a lesson we all should learn that paper evidence of all financial holdings should be kept and preferably be easy for executors to find.
With more and more being done "paperless" that gets more difficult and we then have to make provision for the executors to access our on-line finances.
We are supposed to guard passwords, etc. against the world, and we are encouraged to change them frequently so there is no simple way of (say) including them with one's will unless the letter containing them is rigorously kept up to date.

17th Aug 2016, 10:14
Well if he didn't pay cash for them, you should be able to trace the payments from his bank statements - ask the bank for back copies. When I asked mine reference PPI (online form, bank fee 10), I got a copy of everything they had going back over 10 years - a pile about a foot high!!

17th Aug 2016, 12:30
Rest assured, HMRC will discover them even if no-one else does !

17th Aug 2016, 15:58
When my late father in law died we found a list of all his financial contacts, bank accounts etc. that he had made, although he didn't expect to die.
It saved so much time and hassle that I have done the same and have made sure that it will be available if I someday pop my clogs.

17th Aug 2016, 16:05

Try there

18th Aug 2016, 21:17
Thank you very much for the replies. I will search further.


19th Aug 2016, 00:45
First off, my condolences for your loss, remember there are also share ISA's as well.

19th Aug 2016, 00:48
Might help too, good luck.

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21st Aug 2016, 20:25
If all else fails, they will presumably send him a statement at the end of the tax year. Not a fast resolution, admittedly, but you can always talk to the taxman and explain the issue and see if they can help or at least allow an interim settlement now so you can distribute the known assets and do the rest later.