View Full Version : Which [network] SIM for Ipad?

herman the crab
16th Aug 2016, 05:22
I finally succumbed and brought an Ipad. However it doesn't have a SIM card but is unlocked to any network.

I'm don't know if I'm not searching for the right terms but I can't seem to find a suitable data only SIM (I don't need the calls/text bundles), ideally prepaid/no contract.

Any recommendations? 99% of it's usage will be in California.


16th Aug 2016, 10:03
Some Apple "partners" providing SIMs for iPad


16th Aug 2016, 11:36
Have a look at "3" they have some great Unlimited Data offers, you can ignore the Calls and Text and still be well in pocket.
Data Roaming is also included

herman the crab
18th Aug 2016, 05:28
Thanks. Unfortunately 3 isn't a US carrier.


18th Aug 2016, 05:59
herman,shouldn't be too difficult to find some information.This is just one of the hits I got.


herman the crab
19th Aug 2016, 00:04
I live in California.

The prices most (including those in TWT link) charge cost more per month than my inclusive unlimited cellphone data/calls/text plan, hence wondering if there was a carrier that did data ONLY to avoid paying for things I don't need. And as it'll be really rare times that I use it away from wifi a month plan seems to be a waste of $.


19th Aug 2016, 22:37
Your current cell phone vendor can't add a data sim to the plan?

My cell is Verizon. For $10 a month extra they bumped me to 3 gig and added the Verizon IPad sim.

herman the crab
21st Aug 2016, 03:06
IBMjunkman - I use one of those cheap outfits that piggybags on the majors networks. I did the online chat thing and she send me a link and then says to ignore it as wrong thing. She then proceeds to tell my that Net10 doesn't do data plans anymore.

The link was for Simply Wireless who do just what I need for $15 a month! I guessing that several of the cheapies use the same call center but resolved my problem.

Thanks for the idea!!!