View Full Version : GAM Dorniers back to Chinchilla?

15th Aug 2016, 23:37
Just spotted VH-VJE, one of GAM's venerable Dorniers making the trek from Brisbane to Chinchilla. It was one of a trio that made multiple daily trips on that route up to last October carrying QGC personnel.

GAM lost the contract to the reincarnated Skytrans who started operating the route with a couple of DH8As. They have only been using one aircraft pretty much since the other was badly hail damaged on the ground at Chinchilla last summer. According to Flight Aware the remaining frame, VH-QGG, went to Cairns last Friday and seems to be flying a schedule to gulf destinations this week.

Just wondering how things are going at Skytrans MkII.

Going Nowhere
16th Aug 2016, 04:50
QQB in its place.
VH-QQB ? FlightAware (http://flightaware.com/live/flight/VHQQB)

16th Aug 2016, 05:48
Didn't know about QBB. Thanks.