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12th Aug 2016, 12:30
Thailand hit with spate of bomb attacks
The Nation August 12, 2016 9:48 am

Two bomb blasts in Phuket's Patong Beach many people injured.

In less than 24 hours, bombs attacks were launched in Trang, Hua Hin town of Pachuap Khiri Khan, Surat Thani, and Patong town of Phuket, killing at least three and injuring more than thirty.
One was killed and six others were injured in the explosion at the Center Point shopping mall in Trang at 3 pm Thursday.

Then two explosions hit the Hua Hin town late Thursday night, killing a Thai woman and injuring 21 Thai and foreign tourists.

At 8:02 am, two explosions occurred in front of the marine police station and Mueang Surat Thani police station, killing one person and injuring many other.

Nearly at the same time, one was injured in an explosion on Patong beach. Police safely disposed another bomb at the Loma beac.

Then at 9 am, two more explosions reportedly occurred at the clock tower in Hua Hin.

12th Aug 2016, 12:37
Possibly related to the long running 'troubles' in southern Thailand


12th Aug 2016, 13:21
Or more likely related to drugs and diesel

12th Aug 2016, 15:36
.....that we'd grown out of entitling threads beginning wtf. Obviously not...

The Ancient Mariner

Senior Pilot
14th Aug 2016, 09:26
.....that we'd grown out of entitling threads beginning wtf. Obviously not...

The Ancient Mariner

Quite agree. Now suitably edited, next one gets an automatic thread close.

14th Aug 2016, 11:29
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Yamagata ken
14th Aug 2016, 11:33
What is going on in Thailand is perfectly obvious The issues are where Buddhism pushes up against Islam. Or, more correctly, where Islam finds dhimmis.

14th Aug 2016, 13:47
Yamagata Ken,

Nothing so complicated. It is all based upon crime (using religion as the excuse) and nothing more. Drugs up north and diesel smuggling in the south with people smuggling thrown in for good measure. Our Southern neighbour is the big problem and I suspect will be an even bigger problem in the future.

14th Aug 2016, 21:32
Bombs are not infrequent in Thailand.

In the 80s I witnessed the aftermath of a small bomb outside Hat Yai in the south. I saw a mother cradling the bloody body of her daughter who looked only a year old. There was a burning pick-up. Bits of other kids were around. Four children died. It didn't make many papers.

Many years later, some tango scumbags drove their blazing car into Glasgow airport departures.

I saw the telly pictures of this, cracked up and started getting unbelievable flashbacks/hallucinations of those kids dying. In a kitchen in south east London the horror was back. I was in a mental hospital within hours with a rather disturbing bout of PTSD.

It took ages for me to get well again but I will never be the same. All very curious.

What isn't curious is that I don't like bombers.

Metro man
16th Aug 2016, 02:08
Thailand is predominantly Buddhist but has a Muslim minority in the south who would rather be part of Muslim Malaysia. Bombings in that part of Thailand are not infrequent but usually don't make the news as foreigners aren't normally involved. Hitting a major resort patronised by westerners, guarantees international coverage.

Can anyone remember how many bombs in Belfast equaled one in London ?