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6th Aug 2016, 10:14
But then I am tone deaf

Changing the Guard trumpet player is not in tune (http://www.msn.com/en-gb/video/other/changing-the-guard-trumpet-player-is-not-in-tune/vi-BBvhVVT)

6th Aug 2016, 10:46
Those things (ceremonial trumpet/post horn) are difficult enough to play at the best of times, but in the cold whilst on horseback, even harder.

On similar subject, much kudos to the Welsh Guardsman bugler who played Last Post in the top of Westminster Abbey for the Somme anniversary. Note perfect, on a 100 year old instrument, and apparently he's also afraid of heights!
Hope I get anywhere near that perfection on the 13th.

6th Aug 2016, 13:01
difficult to play whilst bouncing on one's nuts. Best to stand up in the saddle. Here in the US just the awkward sound of the bugle was enough to startle our indians to shoot him out of his saddle.

The bugler needs one of those anti-vibration thingies they use on cameras

Loose rivets
6th Aug 2016, 13:14
Yeh, but then he'd need a convoluted neck to allow his head to keep with the steady-cam, er, steady-bugle.

6th Aug 2016, 14:08
Yup, any uncommanded movement of the mouthpiece on the lips usually results in split notes galore.... potholes and speed bumps usual culprits when marching.
Thing is there's a whole mounted band (Household Cavalry?) some of them have the reins attached to their stirrups and control the horse with their feet,whilst playing. Amazing.

spInY nORmAn
6th Aug 2016, 20:38
There a lad here playing the posthorn on "horseback" and absolutely nailing it. Bit of a laff really...


Have to watch it directly from YooToob - embedding disabled for this video :(

7th Aug 2016, 07:36
Nothing beats the first minute and a half of this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vPA31kvEUyY

7th Aug 2016, 19:24
This probably comes close...


7th Aug 2016, 19:35

I love the Secret Service guy on the right of the dais.

8th Aug 2016, 10:35
Excellent, especially the short trumpet solo at 0:58 and the sideways French flag on many of the music stands...