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4th Aug 2016, 13:04
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tony draper
4th Aug 2016, 14:10
Yer we have of Latainian migrants round here.:rolleyes:

4th Aug 2016, 14:17
De Iside..

4th Aug 2016, 15:25
We had Latin in my Grammer School during the mid 50's-early 60's.
Just around the corner from Tony.
Nil illegitimae desperandum carborundum

4th Aug 2016, 15:31
My grammar school's motto was VIRTUTE ET PROBITATE which we all understood to mean VIRTUALLY ON PROBATION

4th Aug 2016, 15:37
We had Latin in my Grammer School during the mid 50's-early 60's.
Just around the corner from Tony.
Nil illegitimae desperandum carborundum

Me too. Gosforth Grammar School. Managed to change after second year to take German instead. Two years wasted IMO.

Random SLF
4th Aug 2016, 16:20
The street signs around the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth are in English and Japanese. You might expect the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway to have a Bullet Train, but...

4th Aug 2016, 17:23
Spes Durat Avorum was my school motto (may the hopes of our ancesters endure).

4th Aug 2016, 17:34
We also had French (which I liked) , but could not get out of Latin. Both of then actually helped me many yonks later when I got seriously ill in Eastern Turkey, trying to communicate with a local Doc. in Diyarbakir .

Allan Lupton
4th Aug 2016, 17:38
Hatfield Tech's motto was "Finis coronat opus" which we construed as "the end justifies the means"

Now all join in:
Caesar adsum iam forte. . . .

4th Aug 2016, 19:34
Was amused to see the poster at Border Control inbound at Tyne Port, along the lines of:-
"If you want to see how it used to be done, visit Hadrian's Wall"

4th Aug 2016, 19:55
Nil illegitimae desperandum carborundum Hmmm, not a grammar school obviously, a verb would be useful.

The closest translation being "The despairing criminals don't have any silicon carbide"

4th Aug 2016, 20:04
Well I did not say that I learned a lot......:O:O:O
And it was a long time ago.

4th Aug 2016, 20:19
That's a new twist, don't recall having to stop desperate barstewards trying to grind me down.

4th Aug 2016, 20:29
Ah yes, the language of my ancestors.
Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam.

A beautiful, expressive, logical well-structured language. Wouldn't it be grand if all aviation comms were in Latin? Not the numbers, though.

4th Aug 2016, 21:07
I don't believe that the Romans had a character for zero (https://www.theguardian.com/notesandqueries/query/0,5753,-1358,00.html).

4th Aug 2016, 22:18
Semper in Fecae Sumus, Sed Profondum Variat.


4th Aug 2016, 23:22
I found myself in Wallsend yesterday after delivering a vehicle. Arriving at Wallsend Metro station I was sort of amused and surprised to see - in an obvious nod to Hadrian's boys - the station's signs in English and Latin. Looking at the bottom of the suggestus II slope I was warned, "Si inivriose in viam ferream".
Do they teach it in the schools in those parts I wondered.

How extraordinary. This post is almost word for word what I posted a couple of years ago.

spInY nORmAn
5th Aug 2016, 11:08
Caesar adsum jam forte
Brutus aderat
Caesar sic in omnibus
Brutus sic in at

5th Aug 2016, 11:17
We had Latin in my Grammer School during the mid 50's-early 60's.
Just around the corner from Tony.

Oh dear. I don't normally, but...


5th Aug 2016, 12:38
I nevr sed i cuk spel ether
Ok pedant CG......Grammar!!!
Do you feel better now?

PS Wallsend, not Wallesend

5th Aug 2016, 23:19
When I went to university in my 40s to do a Russian degree I was surprised to find that Russian was pretty much like Latin, but with Cyrillic letters (six cases for nouns and adjectives, three genders, no articles and various other similarities)

Having done Latin to O level at school gave me an advantage over my fellow students, none of whom had studied it. Almost made up for the much reduced number of brain cells I was carrying around!