View Full Version : Ex Pitch Black and have you ever been in a Turkish prison ?

The Wawa Zone
3rd Aug 2016, 07:07

When Exercise Pitch Black in the Top End was advertised this year, the Turkish Air Force was invited so I thought .. yeee harrr, I can get some pics of F4 Phantoms (if they bring them). After the coup that wasn't, the Turk Air Force ceased being listed as an attendee, but RAAF PR says that they are still supposed to be here but they don't know where .. http://cdn.pprune.org/images/smilies/cool.gif

I'm in Darwin, so has anyone seen any F4's cruising around and do I have to hop on the bike and go to TN and wait to get some pics ???


3rd Aug 2016, 08:24
I don't think they were ever bringing jets. There's two groups of participants, flying participants, and a lot of other militaries which have sent advisers/liaison officers to watch the proceedings.

You won't be seeing any F-4's.

The Wawa Zone
3rd Aug 2016, 09:14
They were in the list of flying participants but now have disappeared completely off the list (maybe because they are all currently behind bars), however see what I said about RAAF PR.
So you haven't seen an F4 :)

Strobe Runner
3rd Aug 2016, 13:24
Turkey was never bringing any F-4's, only a Boeing 737 AEW&C Peace Eagle.

The Wawa Zone
3rd Aug 2016, 13:55
Thanks. Not quite the same, is it...

Did they actually get the thing out here, or are they otherwise indisposed ? :)