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2nd Aug 2016, 17:42
Having discovered some fairly inexpensive fares from NY to Male, and some attractive hotels as well, we are giving some real consideration to making the trip in November.

If anyone knows:

1) Is English spoken or understood there to any degree?

2) Are Americans despised, tolerated or maybe even somewhat welcome?

3) (embarrassed to ask, but wanna know...) What kind of internet connections and speeds are we apt to find there?

Any and all info would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance.

2nd Aug 2016, 18:28
The Maldives were a British Protectorate until 1965 (and RAF Gan for 10 years after that) so it's safe to say that English is understood. They probably speak it better than I do.
You'll probably only see the airport and an outlying resort island: not Male, no reason to go there.
No idea on the other 2, sorry. Although no 3 probably depends on the resort.

2nd Aug 2016, 18:43
Is English spoken or understood there to any degree?
Yes, much more so than on most parts of Long Island.

Are Americans despised, tolerated or maybe even somewhat welcome?
Yes, and in that order, just as elsewhere in the world.

What kind of internet connections and speeds are we apt to find there?
Just as wonky as in Scotland, but with sunshine as a compensation (though the Scotch down there is a bit crap).

2nd Aug 2016, 18:44
Better catch them before they disappear beneath the waters of the Indian Ocean, as they rise in consequence of global warming.

As they say "here today - Gan tomorrow".

Hat, coat ;)

2nd Aug 2016, 21:24
I did about 15 trips to the Maldives from 2004-2008. Layover for a week each time in about 5 different resorts. Never in Male though. English spoken everywhere. Internet was very slow, if any at times. May have gotten better by now. First 3-4 days were ok but after that I got bored and wanted to get back home. "Island Fever" first noticed there. Nice food, nice people but not a lot to do on an island that takes 30 minutes to swim around.

2nd Aug 2016, 21:39
Is this a troll? Surely if you can manage a post on PPRune, you could Google the Maldives and fine numerous TripAdvisor posts and this link to Maldives Tourism: Communication | Maldives - the sunny side of life (http://www.visitmaldives.com/en/pages/communication)

Gertrude the Wombat
2nd Aug 2016, 21:41
Rent a Twotter and get yourself a seaplane rating, that should occupy at least a week.

2nd Aug 2016, 23:04
May have gotten better by now. First 3-4 days were ok but after that I got bored and wanted to get back home.

I remember when on tankers our squadron sent a few crews to Gan for a couple of weeks to support some deployment or other. There wasn't a lot of flying and inevitably people were getting bored. The detachment commander asked one of the young co-pilots if perhaps he could organise some sports. "Sorry sir," came the reply "but I'm already in charge of the escape committee"!

Still makes me smile when I hear that people are willing to spend serious money to go to the Maldives - they weren't much to shout about when you were getting paid to be there.

2nd Aug 2016, 23:39
I got paid for going there. I would never pay for going there again. Same with Phuket.

3rd Aug 2016, 00:03
I'm wondering why the OP can't just check Google or Trip Advisor.

Metro man
3rd Aug 2016, 00:41
Super expensive as it is placed as a upmarket honeymoon destination and therefore a once in a lifetime experience. Check for an all inclusive package if you go as food and drink prices will take your breath away.

Some issues with government stability as well so check the State Department warnings. No alcohol allowed to be brought in by arriving passengers but can be served in hotel bars at exorbitant mark ups.

Cost can be kept down a bit by using ferries instead of seaplane and private speed boat transfers.

Best to go for SCUBA diving or a honeymoon, not because there happens to be a cheap airfare going. Most of what's on offer can be found elsewhere at far lower prices.

uffington sb
3rd Aug 2016, 04:25
If you don't want to catch 'island fever' try the Equator Village on Gan. It's the former RAF Warrant Officers and Sergeant's mess.
They have bikes for use by the guests and you can cycle all the way up to the top island as they are all connected (on the west side of the atoll) by causeways.
It's not 5*, but it's a friendly modestly priced locally run hotel that's more than adequate.
Uffers. Ex RAF Gan 1974.

3rd Aug 2016, 08:31
Took the Yasawa Princess over Christmas / New Years. Internet was surprisingly good considering our moving target. Couple of times we lost it when out of line of sight of a populated island. But had 10-15 people trying their face books at once with fairly good performance

3rd Aug 2016, 09:26
Taking my experience of the South Pacific it must be like a cruise. Same days, same people, same things to do and the same rip offs. A cruise ship has probably got more surface area than an island on the Maldives.

3rd Aug 2016, 10:36
If you are into scuba diving and water it's heaven but booze costs a fortune as do massages if your spending all day catching the sun and pampering yourself
Nothing to see or do
As a scuba diver it's amazing saw 9 manta rays and a couple of hammerhead sharks when we were dropped at sea
Because of the currents we missed the reef but had these two amazing sharks coast by instead

Union Jack
3rd Aug 2016, 10:50
I'm wondering why the OP can't just check Google or Trip Advisor.

....and I'm wondering why SOPS can't just check four posts up!:rolleyes: Sorry - couldn't resist.:)


3rd Aug 2016, 10:52
My one and only trip to Gan in the mid-70's was an interesting experience. Nice place to visit, but after a few days the novelty wore off. I can fully understand why those posted there seemed a bit odd, it was the sort of place that would get to a lot of people. I was only there for three weeks, doing some Skynet related stuff, but IIRC it was short posting for most, anyway (9 months?), something I can well understand.

I do remember the bar there, with the display of ladies underwear. There was a "tradition" that any new female crew on an overnight stopover crew change from the Hong Kong Flyer had to remove their underwear and donate it to the bar for display, IIRC................... Mind you, this was back when it took 23 hours to fly from Brize to HK.

Pontius Navigator
4th Aug 2016, 08:45
Like TTN, been there, done that, as for sports, near lethal. Man, jumping for volleyball, slipped on wet painted court. Broke both wrists.

Now imagine doing the necessary with both hands immobile and useless; you soon find out who your friends are.

4th Aug 2016, 09:36

(Somehow we seem to have got off the subject.......)

4th Aug 2016, 12:27
While you are there keep an eye open for MH 370 and a slightly Sh!t soiled iPhone


4th Aug 2016, 12:35
his iPhone 5 inside his anus

Chacun à son goût (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/chacun%20à%20son%20goût) . . .