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1st Aug 2016, 23:19
CDC warniing for Miami...


Additional precautions recommended by the CDC about the Miami outbreak include:
Pregnant women who live in or travel to the area should be tested for Zika infection in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy, even if they have no symptoms of the virus.
Pregnant women and their male and female partners who live in the area should prevent mosquito bites and use proper sexual protection for the length of the pregnancy, or abstain from sex altogether.:(
Male or female partners of pregnant women who have traveled to this area should use safe sex measures for the rest of the pregnancy.
Women and men who have traveled to the affected area should wait eight weeks to conceive after their return, while men with symptoms should wait a full six months.:E

...getting to be a dangerous world out there folks, best keep it in your pants... :ouch:

2nd Aug 2016, 00:59
Odd....Zika did not originate in the USA....I guess all those other places don't enter into the situation?

Would not a better title be simply "Zika Hamster Wheel" or "Zika Mozzie Buzzes"?

2nd Aug 2016, 02:02
Uh, the only Zika I know is that slim stripper with the blue hair at the club about four miles thataway.

2nd Aug 2016, 03:56
Yea, just wait till Norway gets the Zika mosquito

West Coast
2nd Aug 2016, 05:39
George Bush is to blame.

Ancient Mariner
2nd Aug 2016, 07:42
Yea, just wait till Norway gets the Zika mosquito

What happens then?
Puzzled in Porsgrunn

2nd Aug 2016, 10:26
Tata Motors made a last minute change to the name of its new city car.....


....I wonder why? ;)

2nd Aug 2016, 13:17
There is no 'p' in HAMSTER

3rd Aug 2016, 00:10
We had a couple when the kids were small and the little buggers used to 'p' all over the place.

The hamsters did too ;)

Two's in
3rd Aug 2016, 12:46
There is no 'p' in HAMSTER

Correct, but a "Hampster" is a small wicker basket that rodents use for picnics etc.

3rd Aug 2016, 15:18
Is this going to turn into yet another "P'ing" contest?