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1st Aug 2016, 10:47
Looks like it's going to be a lively one this year.

https://socialistworker.co.uk/art/43116/Black+Lives+Matter+activists+meet+to+organise++and+discuss+s trategy

2nd Aug 2016, 09:41
Fortunately, judging from the photo in the link, there are very few of them. And at least one of the attendees at such a meeting will be a plant :ok:

2nd Aug 2016, 09:51
Black Lives Matter and Socialist Worker activists hold a demo outside a London Apple Store to protest about corporate greed and discrimination....


Check out the phone the guy in the green shirt is using.....


2nd Aug 2016, 10:02
Never mind the Phone..! what about his "Bingo Wings" :E

2nd Aug 2016, 15:25
We must live in a different Country up here in the good ole North of the UK, I took time to open the link on the leader of this thread to see why the Notting Hill connection was mentioned, knowing as most do, that the Cameroons and all of that Ilk live cheek by Jowel with each other in the said "Notting Hill" I thought it was some sort of celebration at him retiring,...silly me..its not that at all its purely a set of no marks intent on roughing up the rest of London and talking of "Taking Down"(them).... well, I hope it Pees down, I thought such violent planning of a collection of none residents was called a "Riot in the Planning" :=

I hope Plod is tuned into all that..! :D

2nd Aug 2016, 16:30
Interesting related article here about how the Tottenham riots simply got out of control.
Sometimes all it takes is one angry man, followed by mass mindlessness.

25th Aug 2017, 13:47
Is the fun being sucked out of Notting Hill Carnival? - BBC News (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41023844)

'Former Kensington MP Victoria Borick told LBC radio organisers need to tell revellers "don't bring your knives, don't bring your guns, don't bring your acid this year".'

"The Metropolitan Police Federation has said its rank-and-file officers "dread" working at the carnival."

"It's peaceful - everyone jumping up and down and having fun. We've never had any issues or problems in the eight years we've been there. From where I've been, people are just enjoying themselves." says Errol King of SSP Sound Systems.

Wonder where the truth lies?

25th Aug 2017, 14:03
Is the fun being sucked out of Notting Hill Carnival? - BBC News (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41023844)
"It's peaceful - everyone jumping up and down and having fun. We've never had any issues or problems in the eight years we've been there. From where I've been, people are just enjoying themselves." says Errol King of SSP Sound Systems.

We went there a couple of years ago, just to see what it was all about.
The least 'peaceful' part was within 100metres of the sound systems!

25th Aug 2017, 17:26
We used to live in that area for fourteen years. For the first few the carnival was enjoyable even though a couple of years before we moved in there had been a couple of stabbings etc.

Later on the streets became just too crowded to be able to move around sensibly and by the time we left we had to brace our front door. A couple of times it had been smashed open and groups of "Youths" had invaded our hallway. The first time they tried to get into the ground floor flat where we were living. Luckily we were able to keep them out and after that we strengthened both doors. The second time they still managed to get the front door open but we were living on the top floor by then and didn't know till we found the front door locks pushed in.

The carnival also became more 'menacing.' I felt that many of the people who came in later years were looking for trouble or an opportunity for petty crime rather than the people who came in the early years who were just there for the fun.

The carnival is probably, like a lot of festivals, a victim of its own popularity, modern communication and ease of travel. Felt a bit the same about Tomatina. A lot of fun and a very, very well behaved crowd but altogether just too many people there. (And that probably applied to us too!)

We left thirty years ago, wouldn't want to live around there now.

Jack D
25th Aug 2017, 17:37
Serious over diversity .. nasty business

25th Aug 2017, 18:16
I don't live near there but a good mate of mine did and his experience of the carnival is the same as Chris's. The Saturday is generally fine but then the atmosphere begins to turn.

The problem seems to be gangs not from the district. Note one of the big raids earlier this week was in Lewisham. A lot of south Londoners see it as a bit of laugh to head up to north London and spread a bit of ill will.

Many people work a lot of the year on their costumes/the floats the like and it seems such a shame that scummy street gangs go and ruin it for everyone.

26th Aug 2017, 08:16
Arrse (https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/threads/notting-hill-sweepstakes.266596/) has started a sweepstake on the number of crimes committed!


26th Aug 2017, 08:55
We left thirty years ago, wouldn't want to live around there now.

Ironically 30 years ago the area, or at least the more northern and NE parts north of the Westway) were far more dangerous than they are now. Openly selling drugs on the streets and some doorsteps went on until the late 90's, but as is the nature of big cities the gentrification marched on and 'trustafarians' moved in buoyed by family money, bankers and lawyers took the large villas and the rest was left over to cater for the tourists (strangely mostly Italians!) coming to Portobello Market and all the peripheral attractions. There are still some vestiges of the working class ruffians around, but most of the characters that made the area edgy in the past have been moved on or have illegally sublet their council property to high paying "just have to live there" new young renters. Most of the non tourist businesses are high end 'beautiful world' emporiums, or the ever present hipster bars and cafes. Life goes on very nicely in a perfumed way.

Then for several days a year every August comes the husk of what was a joyous occasion of yesteryear, namely Carnival. A reminder to all the Caribbean flotsam and jetsam of what life was like before they bravely chose to come to the centre of the Commonwealth for a better life, only finding a rather grey world that offered more hostility than welcome. The first few Carnivals were met with aggression by the locals who not understanding the concept thought that "all the darkies were on a protest march" and reacted in a negative manner. Thereafter the event became a success and for many years, save a few drunken incidents was joyous. Fast forward to the last 15 years and it's a focal point for various tribes of feral youth to let rip in all ways and this involves violence including knives, guns and the latest lovely trend, acid in a bottle to squirt in the face of your target.....Aren't people lovely?

I last went 3 years ago and being a disliker of crowds ;-) was already in a huff within the first mins. The parade was nice, lots of joyous people showing off their passion and hard work, but then it was just all about getting as high as possible, drunk as a skunk, hippy crack everywhere and as said earlier, it started to grow more menacing, you could feel it growing as dusk approached. If I were a business or property owner in the area I'd board it up and take my leave, it's just not worth the hassle. When the pack mentality kicks in, and the pack is high and looking for an aggressive outlet, it just might be your property (or person) that gets chosen, nothing personal you understand, it's what you represent....

Below is a lovely ditty from the early days