View Full Version : What Type Airliner does Aeroflot normally

31st Jul 2016, 20:45
...use on their route from JFK to MLE (Male, Maldives).

Also, Emirates has a competitive price for the flight. Anyone know the type of plane they use on this route (which stops in former Ceylon on return)?

31st Jul 2016, 23:22
Are you flying from former New Amsterdam ?

31st Jul 2016, 23:40
Looks like a B773 JFK > SVO and an A333 SVO> MLE for Aeroflot.

Emirates is A380 JFK > DXB and B777 DXB>MLE>CMB>DXB.

1st Aug 2016, 02:32
LOL at former New Amsterdam. Choices currently are NY, Miami or Atlanta for departure.

And thanks for the info on the type.