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Krystal n chips
29th Jul 2016, 05:42
For anybody under the impression the "Police Academy" films were fictional entertainment, alas, this delusion has been shattered. Step forward those bastions of Law Enforcement, Orlando's finest ( albeit not quite the brightest ) .....


Now, you might have thunk that, given the amount consumed "in the line of dooty " that, erm, the glaze would have been instantly recognisable..... ! :p

However the truly priceless summation cometh from the officer herself.....such astute detection skills must surely be recognised with her being selected to lead the newly formed Orlando PD Doughnut SWAT team !

" “I recognized through my eleven years of training and experience as a law enforcement officer the substance to be some sort of narcotic,” she wrote.

29th Jul 2016, 07:59
K+C,easy for you to take the p*ss.Did you happen to notice this in the article you quoted ?

Two roadside drug tests were positive for the illegal substance That,combined with white flakes on the floor of the car,is reason enough for an arrest.Not quite sure how Rushing will go with his lawsuit though,if it is true that the roadside tests did reveal crystal meth in his system.

And,how do you know that the officer wasn't smiling when she gave that statement about recognising narcotics ? A lot of cops do have a sense of irony

29th Jul 2016, 12:57
KnC, your title should read "Book him, Danielle" to fit with the story you presented.

I too am puzzled by the lack of recognition of a familiar substance. Maybe she is one of these healthy muffin consumers (blueberry -whatever the grain, pumpkin-spiced-walnut-healthy-sawdust and cranberry) rather than an old fashioned doughnut aficionado. That might explain the lack of familiarity with the food group involved.

29th Jul 2016, 16:25
Eating donuts in a car??????

They could have just nabbed him for impersonating a Police Officer!!! :E :oh: :}

29th Jul 2016, 16:33
On the TV shows, I thought the police always did a taste test before an arrest

29th Jul 2016, 16:54
They could have just nabbed him for impersonating a Police Officer!!!

Yes, they can do that.


30th Jul 2016, 23:32
But sometimes they choose not to :rolleyes:

The vociferous preacher was arrested at his home the following day:-
Islamic street preacher, 31, arrested after screaming abuse at police officer (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3713743/Islamic-street-preacher-confronts-police-officer-investigating-complaint-against-screams-not-terrorists-not-suicide-bombers.html).

31st Jul 2016, 01:05
Two roadside drug tests were positive for the illegal substance

Just what kind of "two roadside drug tests"?

"Hey Bernie, I think his eyes look funny".
"Yes, Doris, me too".

Surprised the cops wouldn't recognize a component of one of their major food groups.

10th Aug 2016, 22:18
From the BBC:

A US justice department report has accused police in the city of Baltimore of routinely discriminating against black people and using excessive force.

An inquiry was ordered after a young black man, Freddie Gray, died in police custody in April of last year, sparking Baltimore's worst riots for decades.

The report found African-Americans had been disproportionately targeted.

Unjustified strip searches were conducted while in one arrest, a black man's weapon was listed as "his mouth".

In recent years, the justice department has conducted similar investigations into the police in Chicago, Cleveland, Albuquerque and Ferguson, Missouri.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake responded to Wednesday's report by promising speedy reforms.

The statistics are damning and the individual cases studies are alarming.

The report talks of one black man being stopped 30 times in four years without ever being charged and 60 cases of the police being accused of using the N-word in interactions with black people, though only one of those incidents being recorded as the use of a racial slur.

But the report's findings seem to have surprised very few here. The feeling among many is that American policing is beset with systemic racism, with Baltimore having a particularly bad record.

The report runs to 163 pages. Among the findings:

Black residents account for roughly 84% of stops although they represent 63% of the city's population

Black residents make up 95% of the 410 people stopped at least 10 times by officers between 2010 and 2015

Police stopped 34 black residents 20 times, and seven black residents 30 times or more, between 2010 and 2015. No individuals of any other race were stopped more than 12 times

In addition to pat-downs, Baltimore officers perform unconstitutional public strip searches, including searches of people who are not under arrest

Officers routinely use unreasonable and excessive force, including against juveniles and citizens who are not dangerous or posing an immediate threat

The head of the justice department's civil rights division, Vanita Gupta, told reporters the Baltimore Police Department's practices had "deeply eroded" trust between officers and the community.

"We conclude that there is reasonable cause to believe that BPD engages in a pattern of practice of conduct that violates the constitution and federal anti-discrimination law," she said.

BPD Commissioner Kevin Davis said people were right to be indignant at police behaviour as described in the report.

"Citizens can't be expected to respect an agency if the trust of that agency is breached. There are several instances in this report in which that fragile trust has been breached."

10th Aug 2016, 22:48
From the BBC:
Interesting report.
Now, about your British assumptions.
A US justice department report has accused police in the city of Baltimore of routinely discriminating against black people and using excessive force.
1. Suggest you check the demographic/ethnic background of all of the police officers who were up against it due to the recent case involving the man who died in van.
2. Suggest you do your due diligence into the demographic make up of the Baltimore police force.

The Justice Department isn't wrong, IMO, in their point about trust and the lack thereof.

10th Aug 2016, 23:10
Suggest you do your due diligence into the demographic make up of the Baltimore police force.

Why on earth do you think that Brits should do due diligence on a US government report?

Shouldn't that due diligence have been done by the USG?

Last time I spent a week in Baltimore, circa 1999, what struck me was the very sharp delineation of the poor black areas from the affluent white areas. It really was as clear as the painted line down the middle of the street. Quite an amazing form of apartheid to see so far from South Africa. In the black areas the locals were astonished to see a white man walking around freely and unafraid.

My memories of the police there are several. I had daily and almost hourly contact with them, in a nice way. I seem to remember that they wore a slogan such as "Public Safety" on an arm patch. Another memory is that most of them were black and at least half were women. All were overweight and most were obese. My most notable memory is that they were quite incredibly uneducated. Truly astonishing that they could be given clothes and a job with little more than primary education, if that. When writing they produced a curious mixture of upper and lower case letters in the same word. I even saw the letter S written the wrong way round.

Perhaps normal for America, certainly so in the Southern states, but really surprising to me in the North East.

11th Aug 2016, 04:03
Caz, the reason I suggested that you do your due diligence is to overcome your personal ignorance.

You, my friend, do not know Baltimore. Back in my much younger days, it was sort of my "stomping grounds" if that turn of phrase is still in use.

You also really don't know the US, but as you don't live here that's not such a big deal beyond your choosing to opine on that which you really don't know. All of the above is said without rancor. Any of us can overcome ignorance if we choose to pursue knowledge and understanding.

12th Aug 2016, 11:26
Personal 👎

12th Aug 2016, 15:40
Oops! (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/08/10/woman-fatally-shot-in-accident-during-fla-citizen-police-academy-lethal-force-simulation/)

12th Aug 2016, 16:02
Oops indeed ricardian :)